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she joined our eWorkexperience platform with high hopes and today she has an all inspiring success story to tell. This one is rather long however we are confident you will never be the same after reading this.

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Good Evening Keji,

My name is Bolanle Sanni. I joined DBT in December 2013 after I finished my undergraduate studies. I was confused as to what career path I should take. Whenever I login to my Facebook, Careerinsights advert was always starring at me like common take the bold step. I eventually enrolled while I worked at Gap.
I worked on the project Tellallmy friends. I was extremely shy and will hardly talk on the platform when I joined, I was on that project with Ola Ememerah, Funmi Adegoke , Obinna , Ugoeze , Femi Adedoyin, Nike onifade, Bukky Adeola, olakunle olasunju, Chris and many others. These people were amazing as they challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone by asking me to do a business case presentation, after having presented to you severally without a signoff. I took the challenge and decided work hard, I presented to you. You were extremely impressed, I got the sign off the team had always wanted, and gave me some feedback about how I analyse data.
After the presentation I was not still convinced that I can do it as I lacked so much confidence I will say that I have zero confidence. To cut the long story short I carried on working at Gap and decided to further my education by doing my Master degree in Business Analysis and Consultancy, during my course I met great people from DBT as well Allen Chari and Funmi Awoga. On completion of my degree I was extremely frustrated that I still work at Gap folding clothes with my level of education was the height of it. I did not like what I was doing, I couldn’t leave because I needed the money, I will get home I cry my ass out as my manager will always have me in the fitting room throughout my 8hour shift. I hated it, but I still carried on learning at DBT .
A long time ago, Ugoeze had a success story and I immediately contacted her and asked her what she did. She went into details about Gifty who helped her, and how she got the job. This was how I got to know Gifty. Gifty was truly amazing, dedicated, loving and encouraging mentor, she was a great gift in my life , she took me from the bottom of it all. She coached my tirelessly, and she helped me from where I did not know what to say to an employer to securing a telephone interview where I will spend 45mins with an employer. At that time, I was working on the ES programmed (Analytic optimization project) , and I got so much calls from agencies, employers for a data analyst role but this wasn’t what I wanted. I definitely wanted a business Analyst role. Gifty will call me very early in the morning to prep me for my interview, she sent me so much files, she taught me how to tell my story and believe in what we do at DBT. At a point I felt really bad that I have been going for interviews and I do not get any feedback or positive feedback with no offer, However Gifty had so much confidence in me and she kept pushing. Gifty God bless you real good. I was very desperate to get a job so I decided to try Adeshola Cole whom everyone was always talking about. My first week with Adeshola was great my one and only mentor who taught me about change management, she gave me so many valuable materials, advised me, mentored me and ensured that I was not discouraged. I will call Adeshola and tell her that hrmm my CV is not working oo , no calls nothing. Jobs that I applied for were all coming back with rejection. I changed my CV severally, with different names, numbers, changed the details on my CV. But the last one I did was the one that worked.
I got so many calls and decided to take a depression note from my Gp. This was granted for two weeks. I told God that I just don’t want to go back to gap any more and God really answered my prayers. I went for interviews, my telephone interview was always brilliant and employer will want to see me almost immediately. At some point I had up to four interviews in a week telephone and face-to-face but I still wasn’t getting offers but I was still getting the best encouragement I can have in the world from Adeshola. My two weeks depression note was almost over and my heart started skipping like I was going back to gap with no choice.

Last week I had three major interviews lined up for me and I decided to join the sponsors meeting as Keji always had fantastic ideas on solutions, sponsors meeting is something that should be missed for anything in the world. On joining the meeting I listened to CI hacker team and that changed my thought. The presentation was awesome and there were so many ideas from Keji that night. I decided to join CI Hackers. CI Hackers team you rock what a place to be. When I joined this group I thought I wasn’t in DBT anymore, they ensured that everyone understood what was happening in the project, and this was where I met this amazing man Chidi Nwabeze, he just got a job. I decided to private message him and told him that I needed help, he was so responsive, eager to help, he called me till late night to listen to me. I decided to tell him how I tell my story to employers and guess what he changed the game for me. Chidi changed my game, he was really firm with me, told me he got my back, encouraged me called me before all of my interviews last week. Gave me pointers from the job description and told me the secret of getting an employers attention. Boom this worked like miracle. I had three Job interviews, Worldpay, Crossrail and Xcm. The interview all went great as I was well prepared. XCM had two people panel interview and when I started talking about the DBT Framework, the interviewer was extremely excited and he had to call the MD of the company to attend the interview. On the arrival of the MD, the interviewer said could you please explain that framework to him again please…. I was like Jesus, the MD got very much interested and said I was a very sophisticated BA coming from a Sophisticated background with the Knowledge of both Business and Technical requirement.

Chidi enhanced my confidence from 5- 1million. He mentioned that I will get a job within 2weeks. This week all three jobs got back to me with amazing offers to the extent that I was negotiating with my employers. Xcm said that they will do anything, and they meant it anything to keep me on board. I was basically able to bid for my salary. The agency guy kept on going back and forth to negotiate with my employer and all replies were positive. Thank you Chidi, you are like the brother I have always wanted, you definitely turned my life around, you encouraged me during my bidding with these three companies, you brought out the best in me, you made feel extremely convinced that I can do it, you encouraged me to ask for more money which I did. Thank you so much. I got my offer letter today and I will be starting with them next week.
To Keji, I am still in shock and I am writing this with a lot of emotions thank you so much for this platform, this success story will not have happened if you did not create this platform for us. You are just simply the best. Thank you for always helping out, you changed my life forever. I wouldn’t have met these fantastic people if you did not have this platform. Can’t thank you enough God bless you.

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