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While training the new intakes this Saturday afternoon, I got a message from an alumni and it inspired me so much I decided to share it right away instead of waiting till Monday.

I personally feel that this will inspire existing candidates working towards their success story and prospective candidates.

Over 5,000 success stories to date and this has to be among the best ones we’ve had to share.

Be inspired

I just got this and I want everyone to take time to read it and search deep within. This is not the time to give up.

Just wanted to send you this and say *Thank you 🙏.. * hopefully you find time to read it.

Last Saturday of November 2011, I accompanied my in-law to this training place in Canary warf for a PMO Training, I just sat in the kitchen area during coffee break you came and asked why I was not in class.. I said I don’t have a clue what the training is all about but I’m just waiting for my in-law finish.

You said just come and join us free today but if you come next week you have to pay.

I joined… (best decision of life)

For the first time I heard 3 job roles I never knew existed (PMO, Risk Analyst and Software Testing).

After the training I said I loved the sound of testing and want to know more… you gave me some links and said I should come back next week.

I read so much about this exciting job role (testing) watched lots of YouTube videos and even booked for the ISTQB exam… fast forward.

First week January 2012, I came back and told you how much I’ve read and I passed the exam..

you said btw you still owe me for the sessions you attended and you walked down to the cash machine with me and asked I should give you what I can afford.

I was still working as a care assistant (gave you half my wage for that week (£130) hmmm best decision..

I was broke and this pained me sooo much I set a target to get CV done ASAP and start applying for testing roles.

Fast forward today

Here is a snap shot of my roles..

Testing 2012 – 2015

Scrum Master May 2015 – 2016

Product owner 2017 – Jan 2018

BA digital Transformation- Feb 2018

Btw my first role was contract and All Cobtract rôles till date.

Keep on doing the great work, you don’t know how much of a blessing you’ve been to so many people.

Hnmmm Keji You said something to me that I can never forget! Up till now that still motivates me to do anything I set my heart to do.

“When your back is against the wall what would you do”

You will do whatever it takes to confront the challenge right?

I said yes,

then you told me go and do what it takes to be a good tester.

Train yourself, burn the midnight candles, read, get help with CV etc.

That was exactly what I did..

I live in Luton at the time but I turned up for every session including the work experience, you even let me use granMyWish on my CV

I think the advise is follow through, do all the exercises and basically follow the advice of someone who’s got the track record and Experience.

This philosophy still works for me in other aspect of my life.

If I want to do something I find someone who’s got track record and just listen to them and follow their advice.

Thanks 🙏

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