From a Care Worker to a PMO Analyst in Financial Services

What an incredible success story. This could be you. Be inspired yet again:

Hi Keji,

Good evening

Please see below my success story. Apologies its a bit long but I just can’t express enough how much DBT has truly changed my life.

From a care worker to a PMO analyst in Financial services

Part 1

I graduated university with a 2:1 but no one was willing to hire me because I didn’t have experience. Let’s be honest in these days hardly anyone is willing to take you unless you have experience and coming to DBT did it for me!

2 years after university I was working in an administration job and doing care work part time just to make ends meet. At this point, I had given up on my dream. But God had a bigger plan for me it just so happended after years of frustration I met Keji in June 2016 in passing and I told him what I had been doing since graduating. Believe it or not but this man actually sat down and listened and he said he was going to help me. I had done project management courses before but no jobs were coming in.

Long story cut short I joined DBT in sept 2016, I did my training and started getting my hands dirty, within 1 month I managed to get a role as a project coordinator on the Digi Afric planners project. During this time Keji was very supportive, he had so much faith in me I guess the idea of seeing me fail wasn’t an option.3 months after I joined DBT I got offered a junior project manager role for an IT company. The day before my interview I rang Keji and told him how scared I was and he just reassured me and told me to believe in myself. He even arranged for me to get some interview tips from one of the colleagues in DBT that had gone through the same journey as mine.

During my interview.

This is not a word of a lie but the only thing that stood out on my CV was Digital Technology bananas. They were so interested to know what DBT was about. The moment I mentioned that everything we do at DBT is digital I just saw the recruiters smiling. The recruiter said they would call me as they had to interview one more person.I didn’t think much of it but to my surprise, I received a call later on in the evening to say they were offering me a job to start the following week. They said they really liked me and the fact that I had some Digital experience at DBT really boosted me. The other person didn’t get the role even though they had previously worked as a junior project manager they were so impressed with the work I had been doing in DBT.

Part 2

This is my 2nd success story and why you need DBT for the rest of your career.

After I landed my first job as Junior Project Manager I left DBT for a while to focus on my career. 2 years later I got promoted into a secondment role for a PMO Officer role in Feb 2018 I hadn’t done PMO before but my manager was so eager for me to do the job but I had no experience . I remember calling Keji crying on the phone and I was ready to give up, pack my bags and go home. I can honestly tell you picking up the phone and calling Keji was the best thing I ever did. Keji was in Nigeria but I managed to get hold of him and even though he was busy he had time to actually talk me through it on the phone. He told me not to give up and that in only 3 months my life was going to turn around. I got back on the platform in March 2018 and I started to familiarise myself with the lingo. I attended meetings and I started to regain my confidence. It’s so motivating when you see other people working towards the same goal as you. I learned a lot from the other alumni. Keji would check on me to see how I was progressing. Exactly 3 months later in June 2018, I got offered a PMO analyst role within financial services. You can never guess what stood out again on my cv DBT because the company is going through a digital transformation so the recruiters were really interested in my digital experience at DBT

On my first day at work, they were already talking about Data analytics and Digital marketing this didn’t scare me at all because of this what Keji had been teaching us all this time.

From being a broke out of job graduate to a PMO analyst it all wouldn’t have been possible. if Keji wasn’t there to push me along.I honestly don’t know where I would be today. Keji if you are reading this may the Lord continue to bless you and grant you a favor. Words can never be enough to express my gratitude but thank you so much.

Tips for anyone thinking of joining DBT

1.DONT Wait DBT is doing amazing things and best believe the platform Keji has built is way ahead and innovative and everything that the industries are using DBT already have.

2. Don’t listen to people who are going to discourage you and tell you DBT are only after your money it’s not true because they will guide you along the way and from my experience, I can tell Keji really wants success for everyone

3. If you know anyone that’s struggling to get a PM/BA role but they have Prince 2 or any other qualification tell them to try DBT because in DBT you are getting hands-on experience. It’s not about the money but the experience they will get you cant compare it to anywhere else.

My journey doesn’t end here I will still continue striving within DBT.

P.S 3 Months from TODAY you could be a different place ONLY IF YOU APPLY WHAT DBT IS TELLING YOU!

Thank you Keji and the rest of the DBT Fam

Yours truly a really gratefully individual 😊

– — – — – — – –

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