From a Cashier at a Gas Station to a Business Analyst

When God decides to bless you, even you will be shocked! #inspireme

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“Hello Keji

I can’t stop crying and thanking God.

And thanking you #careerinsights

I am having headache now but yet can’t sleep

I need courage to start putting the story together cos I don’t know where to start #successstories #successstory

A Business Analyst Role! Me! Emi!! Muah!!! #businessanalyst #businessanalysttraining

I can’t bliv it, he’s indeed AWESOME!!!!!”

 — –

Her full story

“Hello Keji

I managed to finish the SUCCESS STORY. Hallelujah!!!


So I’m writing this at last

I did my Prince2 in 2014 and I started looking around for where to gain experience b4 hitting the Labour market, in my research I stumbled on DBT online I put a call through to make enquiries

BECAUSE of money I couldn’t join. DBT until 2017, November to be precise( the last batch of classroom training)

I joined 2 live projects straight away (DX-Salesforce CS & DX-Salesforce Marketing Automation)and 1 closed project(Salesforce Optimization) why closed project you say? I wanted to make it my project.

I gave myself 3months plan!!!!( in case there’s no money to renew my subscription)

By Dec 25th(Xmas Day) I have finished all(47) BA Must Watch videos and 13 of my PM videos. I have scored 100% of the Test your knowledge and 100% of interview Q&A. My eWorkexperience jumped from Zero to 100% and to Ready to Mentoring(that was Xmas gift for me) I was sleeping not earlier than 2am everyday.

I bought myself Xmas gift 90days subscription for £99!!!!!!back to my story………..

I took 2days break after Xmas!

I started looking for a mentor that talks calmly because that’s one thing I needed to work on ‘Talking Very Fast’

I decided to write my CV myself so that I will learn every skills on it.

You dare not say any negative stuff around me I drop you like hot fire.

I was willin to learn from everybody around me regardless who you are.

Least I forget I have every reason to want to quit. I have four children btw age 5 and 14, my husband is offshore comes home on Fridays and goes back on Sundays. All of these excuses make me want to achieve more.

I made google my best friend, i deleted all the games on my phone. I cannot remember shutting my laptop down since November 2017 with more than 10 browsers opened down.

I was jumping from one meeting to another eager to learn. I remember coming back from work once and jumping onto the Sponsors meeting and unto another meeting till 3:30am and I was starting work at 8:00am the following day.

I was desperate!

I hated my job with passion, I knew I could do better than been a duty Manager in a gas station. Each day spent at the gas station I know is a day closer to my dream job.

February 2018… deadline! My 3months plan has elapsed now it’s job hunt…..(how much do I know to fetch me the job, I was feeling empty)

My FEAR! my fear was how to put the stories together. You don’t know how much you know until you are on that HOT seat.

My first interview was for a Technical BA, I was RUBBISH! I didn’t know how rubbish I was until I got home and starting about the interview. I wrote down every. questions asked at the interview and practiced them should they come up again (they never asked them again)

My second interview was better and the stories were smoother so I said to myself “the more interview I attend the better it becomes” I was eager to attend more so I started applying for more.

I disappeared from all unnecessary things on DBT and around me, I buried my head in things that will add value to me both on DBT and around me. I learn new stuff everyday.

My third interview was easy that I wanted more questions, the stories were running like water and smooth like butter. I told myself, Olapeju this is it!

I got a call for a follow up interview and just like the first interview but with. the Director for Change and Improvement and a senior BA it was easy as well and smooth. I said to myself again this could be it!

20min later I was still driving home I got the call, the call I’ve longed and prayed and waited for. I HAVE BEEN OFFERED THE BUSINESS ANALYST ROLE!

The resources is here on DBT but you need to apply yourself to it. Ask questions…… questions is stupid, you will be stupid not ask the questions and you meet the question at the interview panel!

Surround yourself with positive people( I had a discussion with Keji one time and I said to him, I learn from people on his platform regardless their vices and one of them is Mercy, I remember telling Keji, tell November candidates to connect with Mercy.

Don’t halt yourself when your projects are halted finish the project yourself(finish the project in your mind)

I am very grateful to everyone on DBT, from the sponsor down to all candidates, you have contributed to my success story in one way or the other. My contact with each and everybody has added value to me.

Let’s keep getting our hands dirty and we will get to the top together. One DBT One Family!!!!”

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