From No Career Prospects to a Business Analyst and Now a BA Consultancy Role

Show a man what he is capable of and he will never settle for less.

As from now everyone who sends me a success story gets 60 days subscription. It seems, this is what will get people to send their success stories in.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s congratulate him. It took 60 days subscription bride to get his success story. You can take the Nigerian out of Nigeria but you can’t take Nigeria out of a Nigerian 😜😜😜 (that’s meant to be funny by the way)

“Hi Keji,

I just want to let you know that I have secured a BA Consultancy role. This is my third success story since joining DBT. I have always stayed on the platform even through my roles and I have to say I keep on learning new thing. In fact, one of the things that they were impressed with at the interview was my presentation of the use of Jira portfolio to facilitate effective management of organizational backlogs and help get faster to market products. This is one thing I have learnt and finetuned staying and helping others on the platform.

I have to say the platform works and staying on even after getting your role can only benefit you as you will always have one thing or the other to learn. The ecosystem of Alumni is something that will always come in handy.

Thanks a lot for the platform. Joining the platform has been the greatest move for me career wise. May God continue to bless you and give you the strength and wisdom to continue to create innovative ideas that will always benefit all on the platform.

There you go boss. As usual, please keep me anonymous on all social media platforms.

And don’t forget your promise o. i have stayed up to keep my own end of the bargain o.”




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