From relocating from Nigeria to becoming an International Portfolio Manager in the UK

If you have not been getting your hands dirty you are wasting your time!

Remember! It’s not about your first role but many to come

First success story:

GOD has done it again! I just got an offer from Accenture…I relocated to England to join my family early this year…as an experienced Business Administrator, I didn’t know where to start from with my Nigerian experience…I told a friend who is a senior Business Analyst, he told me he’s been hearing of one Career insight…immediately I rang the office and office and enrolled for the next training…since then I have been attending several meetings and trainings…to cut the long story short…people around me have been laughing at me to look for any menial job….I told myself no. But to GOD be the glory…I applied for a junior role at Accenture…we had a long chat and the interview was centred around career insight projects…I got an email this afternoon offering me the position of a project, Program & Service Management Senior Analyst.

New success story

To GOD be all the Glory…in 2015 i shared my testimomy! after relocating to the UK, a friend recommended DBT and to me and without any doubt i enrolled and attended the Manchester classes after which I got engaged with a few projects as a PMO analyst. A few months later, i got my first project management role at Accenture…it has been a great journey for me.

After getting over 2 years of experience, i pushed my CV out to a major UK bank…and to the Glory of GOD…i secured another role with a better package and prospects…

I don’t want to make the company name public for now as i am still with Accenture…but the new role is with XXXXXXXXX

Thanks..i can only pray that GOD will continue to enlarge your territory and give you rest on every side in JESUS NAME

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