From Working at the Till to a Digital Service Manager

From working on the till to becoming a digital service manager.

Once you complete your eWorkexperience with Career Insights, your starting point is always mid management level roles with promising pay packages.

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Still feeling overwhelmed but i want to thank God for this blessing upon my life and also thank Keji a vessel God is using to bless and change lives. Not even sure where to start my story i moved over to the the uk 5yrs ago leaving behind a decent job working as an Internal Auditor to wrap up my Acca(last 3 course) and do an Mba.

It didnt take long for me to realise that the life i had fantasized about london was nothing short of a mirage.with very little financial support i had to strategize on how to survive and work my way up till i find myself back into a white collar job.i juggled between low end jobs till i found myself working for an agency which provides adhoc services for coca cola enterprise as a till aim was to network and use my audit skills to integrate into coca cola mainstream.gave it a year and it wasnt fort coming for some reasons i will chose to reserve. During that period(2016) i came accros career insight on facebk after a mutual friend liked the page..wasnt in a rush to join coz i had register with Forever living products a side business which i ran alongside my partner.The business was flourishing but still that goal of breaking through into the corporate world kept ringing in my head..2 months later i joined the platform, after my intensive 1 week training by Ayo and Keji i knew this is it.

l quickly joined CM- Exodus 2 where i worked alongside Doye, Narissa Nelson and others..worked on other projects and was eventually made the lead Technical BA for Dx Mobile.The project kicked off good but at some point some dedicated team members got their success stories and decided to take the back seat and focus on their new jobs as a result the moral of the team went very low.After a couple of attempts to get the team up and running again like it was before, the programme office was left with no choice than to bring in a bunch of hungry guys to drive the project to implementation. Coz of family commitments i design a new strategy to work behind the scenes which i did tiredlessly.Basically i went to all the projects i was part of Dx landlord, Digital talent, Raiders look at the task giving out and practice on them and also consult a few people and share ideas whenever the need arises.

I want to say a big thank you to ola Ememerah my official mentor for all your advice and guidance u actually did expose me to loads on the some of the great friends and colleagues i have made on the platform who have supported me Didi my personal person,wole solanke,kenneth Nwokocha, as for olive lluyomade and Iyabo these women are so selfless and wonderful..the speed at which they always reply to my questions makes me ponder if we were actually friends before Dbt lol..i really appreciate you guys.As for Doye Bui u are my sister my general always there to coach, advice and help with interview preps right from day one.i also want to appreciate program office for all their efforts to keep the platform thriving and to the boss himself keji may God locate u at your point of need.whatever that need happens to be.God bless

My advice to all on the platform is to keep improving in a way that works for u, i consider myself to know nothing that way i keep learning everyday..keep getting your hands dirty and practice as much as u a great network for yourself and the best and easiest way to do that is try and be friends to people rather than just ask ask ask…i have realise people will go the extra mile for u if they deem u a friend.waiting to celebrate every single one on this platform coz we have been ordain to succeed.

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