Funto Akinbisehin, Former VP, Product Management at Konga Joins eWorkexperience Nigeria


My name is Funto Akinbisehin. I was once a candidate at DBT London where I was for 6 months. I was particularly interested in Business Analysis and DBT gave me a fantastic platform to learn the skills quickly and very well too. What takes 2 years, I learnt in 6 months. It took a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, working on multiple projects. But it’s worth it and it really paid off. Exactly 6 months after I started, I got a job as an IT Business Analyst in Wales. I was there for a while before moving back to Nigeria with my family. Upon my return, I got a job at Konga as Program Manager and within 1 year I was promoted to VP, Product Management.

I led the product development team for marketplace in the capacity of the Vice President…


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