February 2014: GOT A NEW ROLE!! Project Management Professional for the MOD

ministry-of-defence-logoHi Keji,

Just want to share my good news of a PM role I’ve managed to secure at the Ministry Of Defence, as you’ve mentioned in the past, when one is offered a dream role, is when the satisfaction of joining the program is felt and also all the hard work put in previously, is finally enjoyed, and I can truly testify to these truths.

I joined the program and as soon as my week was up, joined project Pentagon, with the approach to throw myself in the deep end and learn all I could, my focus was to get a job as soon as possible in the PM field, my previous experience was predominantly IT related. Pentagon was hard work and eventually successfully signed off within time and budget which gave me a boost to start applying, within weeks the interviews poured in and after attending a few, I saw this advert by the MOD listed with a very attractive package with UK and international travel, business areas spanning across the Air Force, army and navy, proved too good not to apply, and lo and behold I secured the role!

All I used was the experience I gained from the Pentagon project and luckily for me an issue we had during the project was so relevant to the interviewer, as he was currently having the same issue in his current project, which opened more avenues of discussion during the interview that made me more confident in expanding more on the knowledge and skills I picked up.

I’d like to think of myself as a shrewd spender and I can honestly say my money was well spent in this case. Thank You and your team very much.

I also will continue to join in the CI Eco system from time to time to mentor and boost other candidates who are where I once was.

Kind Regards,
Ade Sonuga
Check out what Ade was up to while gaining his practical work experience at Digital Bananas Technology as a project manager:

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