Group & Personal Mentoring Is Really Taking Off As We Take On A New Head Of Resourcing

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Earlier this year we rolled out the group and personal mentoring program in full force after a successful proof of concept last year 2014. Today we are seeing over 30 candidates securing project management and business analysis roles with top companies such as HSBC, Accenture, British Airways, CapGemini and so much more.

Do you know about the power of cloud-enabled collaborative e-learning?

Cloud-based collaborative e-learning is having an unprecedented impact on the rate at which we are rolling out highly effective project managers and business analysts in the United Kingdom.

Over 30 of our candidates are securing BA and PM roles off the back of our work based learning environment each month and it’s all thanks to our cloud-enabled collaborative e-learning platform.

Imagine an environment where experts, trainers and candidates transfer and share knowledge by engaging together in making sense of project management and business analysis while working within a best practise structured and agile programme office. Imagine the amount of skills and expertise transferred from experts to novice and even vice-versa.

We do this through exploration and experimentation, strategic conversations, reflection, and evaluation while working on live innovative tech-driven projects – the natural way employees learn every day in high profile based workplaces. Our candidates are fast becoming natural champions of collaborative learning through harnessing the variety of skills expertise gained.

Career Insights is building on this best practice to further improve our success rates and deliver an even more results-driven work based learning environment.

The plan was to create a road map for success and implement results-driven work based learning environment with daily mentoring (group based and one-to-one). We have now recruited Timi who was one of our lead mentors as Head of Resourcing. The aim is to now start working closely with companies our candidates are working for, opening the doors for recruiting more of our candidates. This way we provide a complete end to end solution where you come to be trained, gain practical work experience, get daily mentoring and eventually secure a high paying role with leading companies as project management or business analysis professionals.

We are also in the process of revamping our e-learning here at Career Insights. In exactly 2 weeks time, our candidate will be able to monitor their progress and performance from being a trainee all the way to securing their first job. We are building a more robust e-learning performance management software that will track and measure a candidates progress through the work based learning environment’s pipeline.

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The platform will do the following:

  • Track performance and progress toward goals
  • Reduce performance appraisal stress
  • Increase candidate productivity and ability to secure roles
  • Link performance management with learning programs
  • Decrease candidate performance problems
  • Establish goals that are transparent
  • Help candidates to realize their full potential

Just check out the success stories from Otillia and Olyne below:




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