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Inspiration for July 2018

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The story must begin with a huge thanks to Keji and the entire Career Insight crew — xxxx, who I had my first call and contact with! But bottom line, thanks Keji for allowing God use you as a medium to giving peeps options in life — Star Man!
I started DBT in Feb 2018 — my dearest and closest matey recommended DBT — bless you xxxx xx! please note my journey in this space started way back in 2011/12 -A bit of a background, I have been in sales my whole work life and thought it was the best vertical ever — the chase/the close — however I progressed to the level of directorship with 6 reports and discovered that it was still “all about the number” and “you are as good as your last number”!
In 2011/12, I decided to do a soul search and look at career options — zeroed in on the IT space and pursued my required certifications — achieved them and knew the next step was getting practical work experience — got sold a package by a Nigerian that “offered practical hands on experience” but it was a sham — I dropped out after the 3rd weekend — I was driving from Surrey to Greenwich and my time was been wasted! So, I said good bye to IT dreams and kissed my money — auf wiedersehen!
Fast forward 2018 Feb, xxxxx reached out and told me loads about DBT and she was already working as a BA — I had my doubts big time but decided no hard feelings let me call and feel the place out! I spoke firstly xxxxx, who was patient and forth coming with answers to my probing and counter drilling, eventually I sked to speak with Keji — very polite and informative — a sales man got sold!
Started training in Feb and I was blessed with the bunch — very nice, accommodating and self-driven folks — you know yourselves huh? Yay! xxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxxx, xxxxx and yes my bestie xxxxxx et al….We started project wawu and it was serious business — I took the lead role by organising and facilitating our meetings and next line of actions but the footwork and heavy lifting was done by xxxxxxx and crew — it was tough but we were learning and accommodating each other.
Meanwhile on the general platform — it was full on, no breaks or easy rides! DBT is not for the faint hearted — it can never be a side gig! It hit me after two weeks that my whole life as I knew it before was gone — I turned to an anti-social creature who was drowning with information OVERLOAD and felt it all lacked structure! So, I put the brakes on and logged off the platform for two weeks — firstly, this was borne from frustration, too much to learn, no breaks so I had to re-evaluate my approach.
After two weeks off I knew I had it all figured out — it is good to be able to afford the cost, but what we lack is doing the other bit — plan the approach and the strategy to succeed — on my drawing board I had a plan and a strategy of implementation — avoid negativity or peeps that always point the difficult and shortcomings, hang around peeps that share the same drive, goal and vision as you, don’t try to learn it all — go bit by bit and streamline your learning path or areas of worthy information — Confluence BA technical file is RICH! I choose two completed projects and studied them inside and out.
Next on my plan, I needed to join just two projects — and throw myself all over it! I choose BMP and Tapify! Awesome choices I must say now but initially it didn’t feel so with one — I’ll come round. I met the wonderful and selfless xxxx xxxxx , PM of BMP, she knew her stuff and wanted to share what she knew- I turned to a sponge and put myself forward on tasks — Process flow, Project Brief — it was a shame that the project was way gone as at when I joined but the times shared was priceless — Thank you xxxxx!
Then came Tapify, awesome and collaborative team led by the charming and amiable xxxx xxxxxx. This project had all the problems in the world, at that point I was cursing myself for choosing it but all the troubles laid out beautifulbricks in my path to where am at today! The only thing that kept the project team together was xxxxx, she worked hard but the project wasn’t seen as having any economic value and not in the list of priorities at the time for management — a blessing in disguise! It eventually got halted and xxxx fought to keep the team to focus on another project — management kept the team and gave us Ready Player Project! Yay!
I knew this was my project — at last — starting a project from the very on-set! However, I also identified that I needed to make a judgement call that will kick me off my comfort zone — I knew I needed time to focus and be actively involved but my daily life/job wasn’t going to allow that so I made a choice — PLEASE THIS IS MY LIFE! I spoke with my bestie xxxxx and told her where my head was and what I planned to do — she asked all the questions in the world but I already did my homework and had the answers — and that is what I did! I called xxxx and told her I have taken time off work and that I was free for any task(s) — she never failed me — she made me busy, sometimes I tell her, but I never done this before and her response “fail here and you will succeed out there”- it was hard work but we all chipped in and stayed out as late as possible sometimes — if not most times haha — myself and xxxxxx even went as far as creating a trial account to learn shortcuts in carrying out tasks so we can assist the planners in the team but I forgot to cancel the trial and got a whacking bill from them for 20 user account — I almost passed out!!! Jokes now huh! Bless your heart xxxxx — you are a jewel!
Much love and gratitude to my Ready Players team — what a bunch huh! So positive and always there, no matter the time or challenge — awesome peeps! And my always reliable source of knowledge — Helen Williams — thank you for always replying to all my many questions — you always had time! Thank you, ma’am.
Next box to tick was my resume, I enrolled for cv boot camp but knew with years of experience my resume had to represent me and me only so I used two and half weeks to write/finish my cv…it would have been longer if not for the push from xxxxxx — we had a balance and complimented each other — finished that and sent it off to Keji — He received it and called me to ask what else could be added — lol — for me that was the seal of approval I wanted ticked.
When I got to this point in my plan, it was time to get a mentor — real life experience. Myself and xxxxx analysed and settled for xxxxxx xxxxx — thanks for walking us through the STAR answer approach!
Back end of May I knew I was ready for the job market and so I started applying and yes, the reaction was very positive, I got called and had instant telephone interviews and one of my feedbacks from a telephone interview was “too relaxed and overly friendly” — but I knew me and my personal strengths as well as my transferable skills so one feedback will not change me.
So here we are, 1:30am working on xxxxxxxx’s presentation and research for her job interview and not knowing that this same company was right in my path — finished later and went to sleep and guess what, a week later I get a call from a recruiter about a role he advertised and I applied for and he made the mistake of asking me if I have ever heard about the name of the company that I helped research for!!! He got more than he bargained for and immediately fixed a face 2 face for me the next day — while on the call I texted xxxxxxx to share the surprise but the positive was the roles were different and she had already gone for another round.
My first face 2 face interview and boi was I ready — yes I was! The interview was a breeze, thank you to the BIG MAN up there! I got home and got a call and the job was mine — really? Yes the job was mine and they wanted me to start the next day but I had to push back because I had another face 2 face the next day and kaboom again the job was offered to me so two interviews and two offers!
Remember, I have never met my bestie xxxxx in person! Five months, many late nights and early starts — now tell me why I should pass on the opportunity to meet and work with her for another job — don’t matter the pay, I will meet my friend on Tuesday and hug her! What a journey!
My love and appreciation goes to xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx et al — you guys are simply awesome! There is a wonderful blend between all of you, DBT is a blessed place and you guys reflect that all day and every day — no half measures! always on point, it might come across hard but no hurt intended — May God bless you all and keep you and your families safe now and always!
My little 2 cents — make friends, invest in each other, get involved (the learning is in the doing), application is important and lastly always plan with the end goal!
I am here as my journey has ONLY just started- thank you fam!


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