Hard work pays. There is absolutely nothing wrong with aiming high as long as you are willing to put in the work.


Here is what’s been happening at DBT today. Everyone is hard at work. They know why they came here and they know exactly what they want to get out of it.

Are you ready to put in the work required to change your pay package and career path? 

Here at Career Insights, you get yourself to the level required to command up to £550 a day as a PM or BA.

Why settle for less when you can start with way more. 

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To be the best you have to be among the best.
Iron sharpens iron. It’s as simple as that.
Working on innovative projects competing for the 2014 Innovation Awards gives you a competitive advantage over your peers. Check them all out here:

That’s what we do here and you learn on the job until you are confident enough to manage your own project and your own team. No where else does that.

Being an expert using industry standard tools gives you a competitive advantage over your peers. Check them all out here:

If you can put in the work required, then it clearly says you are an MVP worthy of a high paying job.

MVP means Most Valued Professional

With so much competition in the job market these days, being average just doesn’t cut it. Trying to get your foot in the door is just not enough anymore.

The average Joe is trying to do that but here’s the bad news:

No one pays for average these days.

Employers pay for the exceptional and to be exceptional you’ve got to be an MVP.

Most recruiters know about our parent company Digital Bananas Technology.


Because they have placed a great deal of our candidates with major blue chip companies over the last 10 years and they love the quality of candidates we roll out each month.

This is why if you have Digital Bananas Technology on your CV and you have the work experience to back up your claim with a valid reference from us, there is no stopping you.

It’s a simple fact that when certain people go else because they think it’s cheap, they end up coming back to us. Why, they just couldn’t secure a job.

If it’s cheap, it probably is dead cheap. You get what you pay for.

When they finally join Career Insights, 8 – 12 weeks later and bang! The job offers start rolling in. Don’t just take our word for it. Come in for a FREE intro session and see for yourself.

Check out our success stories this month alone:

Are we proud? You can be damn sure we are proud of our candidates and their amazing success stories and we can’t wait to be proud of you.

Join us and let’s make a success story out of you. The intro is free so what have you got to lose?

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