Hard Work Pays


This just came in from Jide who had 6 job offers!

Hard work pays!

Seen screenshots in comment area:
So the ppl who said I should fix up my cv told me no @ 3.30pm. I then told them that I’m dyslexic (which I am, in spelling) but I have a dyslexic tool at work to help me with, plus the same tool helped me get a 1st at Uni.

So they said they will re-discus this.

6pm they just called and gave me at increased pay rise then my other offer and said can I start next month!

🙈🙈🙈. I owe it to Adeshola , Oludare and adore for helping me!

Now I don’t know which job to turn down 😩…. You need to give training session on this keji !!

Anything is possible as long as you put heart and mind to it


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