Harry Secures A Role As A Business Analyst With A Well Established IT Delivery and Service Organization


Hi Keji, I have just been offered a position as a BA with a leading IT Delivery and Service Organization. I joined DBT December 2015, prior to that I was working as an ITIL service Transition Analyst but all along wanted to be BA. After my training I Joined lots of project just to get a feel of how BA task and the PM task are done, I called into webinars as much I could as part of the learning process . I then got involved actively on the iPlanner project it was a very interesting project not only the activities, but the people that I worked with, learning from everybody’s contribution. People like Olamide , Josiah , Adewale just to mention a few when the project was halted we moved to the Hackers project I have learnt a lot during this project , I was really interested in this project because I have a Master’s Degree in Computer and Network Security but did not have the industrial experience I can say I have got some now with the help of guys like Babs , Chidi thanks guys also now I can confidently “hold my side” when it comes to talking about cloud solution.
I want to also thank guys like Tariq that has being giving me moral support I hail!
I have was also on Headhunters, epay and must recently DTO search Marketing and analytics and MOF. This platform is a great place to be if you put your mind to it you will always learn from people , using the Tools on the on platform. Many thanks to my Mentor Sandra Iroka she has contributed to this success. My advice is never give up keep applying yourself don’t let rejection when you interview get to you. “IT IS NOT HOW MANY TIMES MAN/ WOMAN FALLS BUT HOW HE PICK HIMSELF FROM THE BOOT STRAP AND LEARN FROM IT. I have been to interviews where they never got back to me with feedback. The job I got today was just a phone call from the HR and a 30 min discussion with the hiring manager about 30min later I was offered the job. Guys your success story on the way.
Thanks Keji for what you are doing, and for empowering people. I am not leaving for good I will still be around in the platform


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