Have DBT On Your CV and Secure A Job. Candidate Secures A Junior Project Manager Role


The fear of failing and past failures is what stops us from succeeding. I have learnt that the key is to get used to the feeling of being afraid until it becomes just a feeling and it starts to mean nothing. Only then do you start failing forward until you succeed.

The kind of success stories we have coming in are astounding and all inspiring within the first few days of 2016.

I am so excited about how my candidates have caught on to the exponential growth mandate.

We have helped so many people through our parent company Digital Bananas Technology (DBT) and with our candidates doing such an amazing job within their current contracts, having DBT on your CV is a big plus for employers.

Just check this out…..


Wanted to let u kno I landed a role as a junior project manager in central Milton Keynes

It was originally a project coordinator but turned out to be a junior project manger

They had 160 applications

They seemed to kno a lot about dbt

I think that reli boosted my chances
They didn’t even take time they called me the following day saying how impressed they were

They wer so excited that they asked me to start on Monday

Funny thing is it was the head programme manager we had a one hour conversation.

Meeting u was a blessing man I remember at the end of the end of 2015 and I was just thanking God for all he blessed me with in 2015 and u wer a big hit.

It’s time you stop questioning wondering if it’s possible for you and start asking why not you too.

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