Have You Heard Of Big Data or Predictive Analysis?


The metamorphosis of the new age Business Analyst. To be precise the Business Intelligence “Go To Guy”

We are pretty big on BIG DATA and Predictive Analysis here at Digital Bananas Technology and most importantly we are looking into how we can combine it with AR (Augmented Reality) and IoT (Internet of Things).


Why are we so big on these?

It’s pretty a simple really. Our clients within the financial sector are literally obsessed with interpreting their data across all channels. You are talking about their CRM, web analytics, app analytics, social media analytics and you name it. Imagine being able to predict your customer’s needs or viability for a service in a few months or a few years time…

Imagine mapping out your entire revenue model for the next 100 years due to machine learning, predictive analysis and big data…

Imagine putting on a head gear and you can easily get a virtual demonstration on how to apply for a loan using augmented reality while speaking to a virtual account manager with communication as seamless and as effective as ever because they have your past, current and predictive data.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s big data and our company Digital Bananas Technology is fully accredited by Digital Marketing Institute to deliver this within the digital marketing sphere.

We have helped over 3,000 candidates secure life changing PM and BA roles over the last 10 years and every single day a candidate is securing a new role.

Now lets get you equipped for the next generation of Business Analysts.

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They call the new age BA role:
Big Data Analyst (Excel, VBA, SQL), they earn up to £700 a day as contractors and the industry has the hots for them.

Join us and gain practical work experience as we help our clients produce reports and assist in the development of their Digital Marketing division while working across cross functional teams (client services (CRM), ICT, Finance, Operations and Brands)

Your responsibilities will include:
– Website Analytics (user segmentation and performance)
– Social Analytics (behaviour, content and media performance)
– Paid Media performance (placements, KPIs)
– Consumer insights
– Competitor insights
– Analyze all marketing activities from performance marketing to brand advertising
– Manipulate data with the ability to develop scorecards and develop scoring capabilities and implementation tactics to help strategic marketing decisions
– Dashboard customization
– Provide pre-campaign analysis to guide targeting and assist in defining campaign KPI’s, end user reporting, analytics frameworks
– Assist, and at times lead, conversations with partner Analytics agency for design and setup of Big data analytics, collecting/analysing Real Time data/event records from different networks (website/Google Analytics, Social Platforms, Paid Media, offline media, external sources)
Background from Big Data Analyst:
– Able to use historical data (real and simulated) for analysis and able to extract and report on performance for;
o Website/Google Analytics
o Social platforms
o Paid Media Offline Media (PR, OOH, TV)
– Strong knowledge of predictive modelling, segmentation, forecasting and other statistical analysis. (experience in directly creating algorithm/models for these is a bonus)
– Experience of business to consumer analysis with a good understanding of relational databases to assist in customer segmentation and content performance analysis.
– Ability to analyse multiple points of information of competitor data and determine feasible insights and digital marketing tactics that can be implemented

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