He did not Give up and now he’s got his all Inspiring Success Story as a Project Coordinator

Let this story inspire you to never give up on yourself

I started DBT in begining of June 2016 after I first attended the 5 day training in Greenwich and it was straight on to taking tasks on projects. It was so overwhelming as there were so many projects to join and tasks to carry out. I tried to stay focused as I was with the help of Kenneth’s encouragement and as I knew why I joined DBT and I was determined to achieve it.

I joined my first Project called the DigiAfric NewsApp and carried on the roles of the BA Facilitator and also the Project Coordinator for that Project, it was a great experience for my learning but very busy as well. Carrying out various tasks on the project. The Project continued for 4months+ until it was prematurely closed. After which I joined the CIP-NDIC, BOT — FAQ, DigiAfric — Dispatcher then CI — Phantom.

Then I got involved in DX-ESP, as the project coordinator for that project, it lasted up to a year. The Project and the team involved were so great as we had countless meetings, some of which lasted till morning.

Then from the beginning of 2017, things got so difficult for me after I moved my siblings from Nigeria to UK and the rest to America, I got so broke that my family had to move to another house that was less expensive and I couldn’t even pay for my subscription and a God sent person helped me out with my subscription fees which gave me more time and opportunity to be on the platform and continue learning.

I started applying for jobs and got interviews, many of them didn’t go very well. And the last interview I got, it was a telephone interview which last for an hour and after which I was successful and I was later invited for an Excel assessment which was also successful and finally a face-to-face interview with the programme manager. After the interview I was called the following day to be informed that I wasn’t successful because I was over qualified for the role. I got depressed because I really worked hard for it.

I later got another interview with an IT firm, after my first telephone interview, I was invited for a face-to-face interview and after which I was informed that I was unsuccessful. I didn’t give up, as I kept on applying and then one faithful morning at 9am, I was called for a telephone interview for a contract role and after 45mins, he was very impressed and immediately booked me for a face-to-face interview for the follow week. I was interviewed by 2 people, who drilled me for 2-hours, I literally lost all the silava in my mouth and the bottle of water in front of me finished completely. The interview finished and I was later contacted the following week that I was successful and I was offered a contract role for the position of a Project Coordinator/Administrator role.

I want to thank my father and creator God almighty for giving me the courage, strength and grace to carry on, if not, I would have given up. I would like to thank you Keji for making this possible, for creating this wonderful platform and giving us the opportunity to succeed, develop and progress. God bless you richly.

I will also like to thank Sophia Mekoma, Kenneth Nwankwo, Leo Kuku, Babajide Arigbabu, Adebayo Adewunmi, Uche Amaechi, Doye Biu, Adebambo Shogbonyo, Josephine Hable, Kelechi, Modupe Adepoju, Aminat Akanbi, Afeezat Shutti, Oby Cynthia, Tolu Rogers, Mark, Pearl, Oladipupo Olajide, Chukwuemeka Livinus, Bolade Fajuyitan, Grace Shaba, Rachael Shoyombo, Titus Ajayi, Tina Adedeji, you guys are wonderful and not to also my mentor Charley Enemeku. All the other project team members I worked with and any other names I missed out, I really appreciate you all. Your success story is next.

Let’s give others and the newbies the chance to learn; encourage, motivate and support them the best way we can as there are various personal challenges which some are facing and all we need is encouragement. I wish everyone success in their desired Job role.

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