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“Hi keji finally got time to write me full success story. I joined CI in mid July last year after following you for a while on FB. I was really interested in coming on board especially as I had just recently left the UK. I wasn’t convinced the training/knowledge I’d get will be applicable in my new environment. I also asked friends in London if they’ve heard of you but they said no so that closed the chapter lol. Well unfortunately for me I did a Gap analysis and realized this training is exactly what I needed. I did some online training here but nothing still clicked. Infact my friends who had left London to come here and undertake trainings told me to go to their center here but it just was never convenient. So I decided to take the blunge. I called you knowing the time difference was a big issue on a Sunday with trembling hands (6 hours difference!!!! .) After speaking with you humm what did you “ everything we use here is from your end” so you’ve got nothing to lose. Gbam that was it . I signed up immediately with full payment and then began the journey. It wasn’t easy. In a week I finished all my BA videos and took Oludare’s advise-: enlist in at least two projects so you can get your hands dirty and be involved. Gbam game changer I joined two projects DigiAcademy and DigiSearch. I also signed up for the data analytics trainings (very confusing and hard lol). As luck and God would have it, DigiSearch gave me a whole more responsibilities as we were very few in the project in the beginning so there was a lot of tasks to go round. In undertaking my responsibility I was made a Tester and QA lead gbam another game changer. It was gonna be tough but boy those QA Saturday lessons were well worth it. During the training it was extremely tough but I stayed focus juggling my family and the time difference but today God crowned all those efforts with an amazing job offer unbelievable. I want to thank you Keji for listening to God and following his leading for it could be only God who gave this vision. Thank you for your prayers, hard work, dedication and honesty to the birthing of the vision and more importantly thanks for not quitting when it was hard so people like me could have our success story!!!!. My success story would not be complete without mentioning the a-m-a-z-i-n-g team at Digisearch, XXX XXX XXX XXX, XXX XXXX, XXX XXXX, FXXX XXXX, XXX XXXX, XXX XXXX, , XXX XXXX, XXX XXXX, XXX XXXX, XXX XXXX, XXX XXXX, XXX XXXX, XXX XXXX, XXX XXXX, XXX XXXX, SXXX XXX, XXX XXXX, XXX XXXX mentor extraordinaire, to the QA team XXX XXXX( thank you for preaching guru99 as well !!!!)., XXX XXXX , XXX XXXX, the entire QA team you rock. My Digital Academy peeps XXX XXXX, XXX XXXX, XXX XXXX thank you all so much. If I’ve left anybody out am truly sorry. My advice to newbies stay the course dont give up the “imperfections” you see are your interview answers- how did you deal with difficult situations. Remember there’s no short cut to success!!! Keep getting your hands dirty. Thank you Keji God bless you and all that concerns you!!!!! . Thank you CI team.”

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