He Impressed them with his Wealth of DBT Experience and Got the Job as an API Support Account Manager

The moment you know the digital age is changing and creating new roles.

What a pretty awesome success story:

“I and my wife met you at bluewater on Thursday 10th of May
I got a Job as an API Support Account Manager on Wednesday. I originally did not apply for the role but because the company interviewed for a BA role October 2017 and were impressed with the experience I got from DBT and my current job but the put the recruitment process on hold….recommended it for me
I went for the interview which was more a chat for an hour and I got a call the job is mine…….most of my experience was on eworkexperience 2.0 and my life has been mad busy ever since but I have been up to date with the trainings meetings and your word of wisdom till date…… I want to acknowledge my wife Oluranti Oyedeji who also got a job on this platform for all her timeless support great Mentor Yetunde Kolawole and the likes of Sandra Olaide Olaniyan, Oluwakemi Hassan, Bunmi Docemo, Desola, Mandy my super duper friends ….To everyone else on the platform please never give up guys help each other get your hands dirty and don’t stop praying.”

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