He just secured a digital BA role with a top UK firm

Be inspired!

I joined DBT in Feb 2017 after a long hesitation.
And as soon as l had my induction . I hit the ground running, after a month on the platform l started by writing minutes for Platform Integration, create check point report etc.

Then a new project came on board IM APP. I remember writing the minutes for the kick off meeting while on the train ( transit).

My contribution to the project work gave me a role as Digital Business Analyst.

I also worked on the First Bank Projects.

At a time, it seems the success story is a mirage but lo and behold it finally arrived.
I interviewed for a major company in London last week as a Digital Business Analyst and believe me DBT works.

The interview prep by Keji did the miracle for me!!!

I would want to remain anonymous for now because of the security clearances going on. The company will get in touch with you for my reference!

It is time shout on the mountain top that it works! DBT works

Thank you kindly Keji, Platform Integration Project Team, IM APP and the first bank teams.


He secured a business intelligence analyst role


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