He just secured a lead BA role in process transformation

…Hi Keji. I have a success story for you. I have been on the platform since May this year having gone through what can best be described as the toughest few years of my life, which took in a failed business, end of a marriage and working at many rungs lower than my qualifications. When all hope seemed lost, I found Career Insights, and boy was that devine.

I think I was a bit lucky when I joined. The first meeting I joined happened to be a presentation by DX-Mobile to the Senior BAs. Harsh as I found their questioning of Maduka, Femi ended the meeting with the advice for any newbie to join that project. The meeting was not over yet before I quickly found the project and Joined. Then on the first meeting in the group, I happened upon an angel — Bunmi Decamo. Her first statement said she was looking for people to fill management roles. I immediately sent her a PM practically begging to be given the opportunity, and that’s how I became the Digital BA on the project.

I worked my socks off over the next couple on months, as I quickly figured that the videos were key to success. I poured myself into watching each and everyone of the mandatory BA videos and taking copious notes from them. I learnt so much and with Bunmi pushing so hard as well, I quickly gained skills I did not know I could like being a go to person in wireframes and also UX. I mention these two because they are crucial to my story

Cut a long story short. I got an opportunity with a local shipping firm who are converting their IT department into a stand alone business and needed the service of A BA to lead the process of transformation. I did the phone interview and scaled that. Went to the face to face and aced that. Then they said I will need to do a presentation as a final test. The topic: Propose GUI revamp for our website. I couldn’t contain myself. they were going right up my alley. Anyway, all that knowledge from DX-Mobile, CIP Digital Landlords and the UX/UI team came in useful as I swept them off their feet. Career Insights works. There is no doubt, and it has worked for me to change things around.

In all these I give God the glory. I thank and appreciate you for your foresight in setting up the platform. I thank Femi Adedoyin for that first advice. Bunmi for being an amazon and great helper. Doye for being available to help. Kenny Popoola for becoming such a dear friend. Maduka for keeping the DX-Mobile team going when it seemed the momentum was lost. Jimi Ogun, Amaobi and many others too numerous to mention. We shall celebrate each and everyone of you in due course. I promised you I will deliver you a success story when you thought I was faffing abou

t early in my journey here, but sir, I have delivered. Havvvve it!!! God bless


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