He Just Secured a permanent Role as Head of UX/UI in a Digital Technology company

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“Hello Keji


I have been offered a permanent position of a Product Owner/Associate Architect (Head of UX/UI) in a Digital Technology company that support over 200 of the world’s leading brands by providing solutions that utilise cutting-edge technologies to help them work smarter across the full spectrum of their operations. I have been hired to handle their new and biggest contract from one of the UK leading Banks. The package is not something I ever dreamt of for a permanent role.

First of all, I want to thank God for his infinite mercy, direction and for keeping us healthy. I want to use this opportunity to thank you Keji for this platform, and for being a blessing to a generation. 
I had a BSC degree in Accounting and Finance, Masters in Business Management, Chartered institute of Marketing, BCS certifications to mention a few. Sometimes before now, I asked myself questions if all the studies were worth the trouble. It all began to make sense when I found out about DBT from a friend who is also on this platform.
Joining DBT changed a lot of things, no more hanging out with friends, no more night outings and I said to myself this is it.

I want to use this opportunity to thank George Odijie who told me about DBT after we have both wasted thousands of money on unprofitable trainings before we finally found our home in DBT. Also, Karo Agbure for always trusting in me with responsibilities, Ola Ememerah for believing in me, Oyinua Banigo for encouraging us to take the role of a product owner, Mina Oghenovo of HT ePay, Grace Odeinde from CI- Hackers, Josiah Famurewa from CI-Hackers and a friend, Monica Isiuwe from HT-ePay, Oluwabunmi Docemo for inspiration, motivation and hardwork. Thanks to the entire Business Strategy team and the programme office.

If I’m going for a sleepless night war for research, George Odijie, Abi Omokhuale, and Doye Biu, I would want them by my side and they are always ready; DT Search Marketing & Analytics was a project of research after research every night up to 5am in the morning and this continued for months till the end of the project. Thank you all.

I worked for HMRC for over 10 years, since joining DBT, I have done a lot of what they regarded as wonders, by bringing what I know from DBT to the table, becoming the GO TO GUY, Continuous improvement lead, becoming the digital ambassador and grown from strength to strength, moving from the position of Process Design Analyst to Business and Operational Strategy lead. My DBT award was celebrated in my Span (collection of departments), and my photo from DBT award was uploaded on the HMRC intranet as a departmental achievement which my department was proud of as if it was the whole department that won the DBT award. In spite of all the blessings at HMRC I was still been asked on a daily basis what are you doing here? You are too good for this place. I always told them not to worry that, I got plans and aims, if I’m leaving HMRC I should be going to a place far better, as for me, it wasn’t just about getting a role because I know my worth. I would not have achieved all this if not for God through DBT. God bless you Keji.

I don’t know if I applied for this role, all I saw was a missed call on my phone and the call was three hours earlier, then I rang the number back just to find out who owned the random number, this was on the Monday 11th of June 2018, just last week. After my phone conversation with the recruiter, they immediately arranged Skype interview for Tuesday (the next day), the rest is history. Seven interviewers on different occasions, Skype interview last week, no stone unturned, when you know it, you know it. It was all the knowledge from DBT. The interviewer went back to the department and told everyone about the candidate he just interviewed. On Wednesday, the next day after the interview (last week) I had a call from the company that my interviewer was really impressed and he has told the Director about me. I had a call the following day that the Director wanted to speak to me in the next 30 minutes and if I

was ready? Why not, ‘I’m ready’, I told them. I live in Liverpool; after 40 minutes on the phone conversation with the director, he asked me where do I prefer to meet with him the next day at 11AM (last week Friday) Edinburgh or London? This was at about 5pm I told him that I am ready to meet with him the next day, wherever. We settled to meet at their London office. I went for a journey of nearly 4 hours for a chat. All I thought was just a chat, but it wasn’t what I thought (Just a chat?). Who dash you a big job for their biggest contract just for a chat. I went to a war with five more interviewers in which one of them was from the Bank that owns the contract. The last interviewer was a digital transformation expert whom I have seen before on a digital transformation Tech Magazine. All of these happened in one week. After the interview for a product owner role, I was offered 2 roles Product Owner/Associate Architect (Head of UX/UI) in which I requested for more money which I found out on my offer letter that my request was granted.

My advice to everyone on this platform is that, if you think being on this platform is a waste of time, please think again. NO, it is not a waste of time; it worth the while if you are patient, dedicated, getting your hands dirty and cut out a lot of things that use to take your time before you join DBT. If you can make a lot of sacrifice you will get the reward at the end.”

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