He Secured a BA Role with Top UK Bank, has 2 Other Offers on his List!

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“Good morning Keji,
 I hope you are very well and in the best of health.
 I am a July 2017 candidate and have a success-story for you !
 The Lord, Most Gracious, ,Most High, Most Compassionate has showered me with securing a BA role with 1 of the Top 3 banks in the UK in addition to starting negotiations with 2 local businesses for GDPR and Digital Transformation !!!
 I joined the platform in July 2017 and got my hands dirty from the onset with taking on Meeting Minutes and reports for Digital Talent (Thanks to Grace Peters for her exceptional help, direction and support throughout) whilst joining and contributing with multiple projects such as: Tapify and DigiSearch. I was always on the look-out for tasks and ‘To-Dos’ and engaged with project team members to put forward my interest, thirst and eager in gaining the knowledge and experience.
 This followed by the appointment as a Lead IT BA role with the iMentor Global team in August, working around the clock to deliver and exceed expectations of the team. Sadly, due to financial and family circumstances I had to resign in December which came as a shock to the team; whom gave exceptional support and attempts to remain as a Lead however this was not possible but I assured them I am still on the project and platform always here for any help and/or contribution needed.
 The knowledge and skills I have gained here in the last 8 months cannot be explained, seriously as I have been looking to gain this level of knowledge and experience since 2012 !! I was unable to find anyone or a platform anywhere that would provide this amount of opportunities.
 Keji, I believed you when you said: “ Get your hands dirty” and took that advice and went forward and did that. I believed you when you said “ Faith without application is baseless(of no use)” and ensured I applied this too, I took onboard every advice you and the management team gave and ensured to apply this where possible. I undertook every training course you gave us: Big Data, Digital Marketing, GDPR — because I truly believe “ Don’t look at the cost, as it will COST you ! Rather look at the opportunity and it will OPEN doors !
 That is exactly what has happened……….my friends from college, university and previous work are still in their comfy zone and have NOT progressed despite me nagging them and persuading them to not look at the cost rather the opportunity. Whereas by the grace of the Lord I took the risk of using my savings (despite supporting a large family) and coming here to gain the knowledge and experience others around me were not able to give or achieve. 
 From the knowledge and experience gained so far I have secured the BA role with a Top 3 UK Bank working on IT Security/Cyber/Cloud projects whilst started negotiations with 2 local businesses; 1 is a Solicitor for GDPR and another is an Accountancy to digitise their services. The director at the accountancy firm is out of the country until June, which is fine as gives me more time in completing my DMI exam and gain more knowledge and experience. None of this was possible without this platform, sacrificing my time and savings with the projects and training courses you gave. The added-value which has greatly helped and made me shine was the MentorPlus training with George Odijie; his knowledge of the BA spectrum, Data analytics, Agile and eagerness to get candidates securing life-changing jobs is exceptional. He was always there when I needed him and went beyond the extra mile to assist and help me achieve this BA role; he is a really a great asset and diamond to DBT hence why I intend to stay on Mentor+ to continue learning from him as he is 1 of my aspiring role-models amongst many on this platform.
 My advice to everyone on the platform, is to keep pushing yourselves, have the zeal and passion for knowledge and eagerness to gain every time, looking for opportunities to take on tasks where possible. What you have on this platform will not find elsewhere ( I assure you ). You have been blessed with this opportunity so please make most of it. Don’t let the issues and problems on a project deter you from your goal and vision (why you are here) rather utilise them as your story for the interview(s). Don’t be shy and always ask questions where unsure, this platform is family; yes people maybe busy due to life commitments but someone will definitely respond. 
 Engage and network with those that you aspire to be with as like-minded people think alike. Your time will come, just have FAITH and do NOT give up no matter how hard it seems or gets! 
 All praise is for Allah, whom has blessed me with this platform and given me such great and exceptional people such as yourself (Keji) whom are so humble, caring and always been there for me when needed.
 I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all their help and support in making this happen, thank you to George Odijie, Femi, Oludare, Sandra and all the Portfoilio and Programme office, Business Strategy team (Ola, Victor, Bello, Harry Boje, Gina Emori) followed by my initial Mentor Grace Peters and own iMentor Global family: Elizabeth Olajide-Fayose (iMentor Global PM), Narissa Nelson(PO) Azeez Oloyede (JPM), Michelle Hoyte (SCRUM Master), Stephanie Okafor, Elizabeth Omoaregba, Nengi Ben-Kalio, Doris Nwanne, Mahawa Jackson, Oluwatoyin and anyone else that I have missed.
 May you all be in the Mercy and Grace of the Lord at all times and may he continue to shower his blessings upon you and your families — Peace be with you.”

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