He secured a business intelligence analyst role


“Gd evening Keji, my Success Story is finally here :pray:🏾I know right, God’s timing is the best time

It’s a Business Intelligence Analyst role

My story is a long one I’ll start on my success story soon & send it once I’m done!

Before I share my story I would like to take this opportunity to thank Keji for this platform, for giving us a platform to develop ourselves, & network with great minds on here. Without this experience in DBT I don’t know where I’d have been, if you saw me 2 years ago you would not believe the transformation, and this here is Digital growth at its finest!

Before I joined DBT I had no knowledge or experience whatsoever about the digital industry, I came to the Uk at the age of 9 & up until my teenage years I never took education serious, I had the opportunity to further my studies and go to Uni but I never went, infact right till I was 19 I had no zeal, no drive and all this started from the type of friends I kept around me.

Until one day reality hit me and I realised I was not happy with where I was in life, I wanted to do something and make my parents proud, but that ship sailed a long time ago when I refused to go to university:sweat_smile:.
Coming from a Nigerian family expectations were sky high being the first born and I knew I had to be a role model to my siblings.
So one day a family friend came to visit & he celebrated with us as he shared some exciting news regarding a contract renewal at his place of work.
While the family were celebrating I was more intrigued by the BMW he pulled up in, (it was different from the one the previous week!) I asked him what he does for a living and he told me he’s a BA/PM for a company outside London. I asked him a series of questions as if I was gathering requirements and he opened up to me about where it all started in Career insights.
At this point what motivated me was the nice Car in the driveway, but Little did I know that a Goldmine opportunity laid ahead.

I got into DBT and started my weekend training classes where I met the likes of xxxxx xxxxxxx & xxxx who did a great job in bringing me up to speed with the culture here at Career insights, once I finished my training I went right into my Ework profile watching videos almost every day and night, joining Live projects and updating basecamp while my eyes were peeled on my KPIs, as Time went gradually I got rid of distractions around me(got rid of my Tv and Netflix) and I sacrificed weekend nights out with friends so that I could focus on the weekend roadshows, infact at work I would call into meetings and try to contribute during my lunch breaks; I literally made DBT my daily bread and butter.

I remember the first lead role I got which was in Digital Landlord, I volunteered to be a Tester for the team and my BA journey took a left turn, I started gaining interest in software testing which I didn’t expect but I learnt it all here on DBT, xxxxxx xxxxxxx gave me the opportunity to host a weekly QA Roadshow and it drove me to train myself more and gain confidence, not only on teaching others but acquiring good presentational skills. Prior to this time I would always keep quiet and take minutes in the background but this brought me out of my shell!

Months later I joined the social Media project where I worked as the QA lead and IT BA, and I must say the experience on that project alone, the amount of sleepless nights I would have with the team was crazy, at times we would stay up till 3am to finish user stories and test plans together.

Once I qualified for mentoring I joined xxxxx xxxxxxx group where she would teach me almost every week on STAR techniques and how to prep for interviews- I would Love to say a massive thanks to her and to the likes of XXXX, XXXXX, XXXXX and others who would support and encourage me through the time.

I attended a lot of interviews and i kept getting bad news till the point that it discouraged me, it got to a stage that I would just go to interviews and I would not tell anyone because people were expecting me to go through, but I chose not to

give up, I kept my head up and came back to the platform to get my hands a lot dirtier, I attended Data Analytics sessions at the time with a Vyas which took my interest, I started studying and practising each time we finished a lesson, I would practise on Tableau and SQL, I installed & familiarised myself with every open source data Analytical tool and brought myself up to speed on Microsoft business intelligence.

Once I knew I was ready I started applying again, this time I got a call for a BI analyst role for a firm who were still using Excel for data storage/ reporting and I thought to myself THIS IS IT! Time to go and give them correct Transformation, I was called in after a phone interview to present to them a case study using Tableau dashboard/ SQL and they were blown away, the rest is history as they say.

I would like to thank the fantastic people I met across the projects I’ve worked on:

There’s so many destiny helpers on this platform and I pray with the new Ework4.0 buddy system we can all lift & push each other out of our comfort zone!”

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