He Secured a Job just by Mentioning our eWorkexperience Platform and he’s not Even Onboard Yet!

The beginning of a better Africa starting with Nigeria:


“Let me quickly say something. This will be my first time dropping comment here. I’m yet to be on the platform, but I must say I caught the vision right from the very first time I learnt about CI/DBT…
I have been here all along and I have read virtually all the testimonials and posts by the big boss Keji Giwa. Mine is veeeeery close because I am joining CI this month.
Two weeks ago a firm here in Lagos invited me for an interview… I saw lots of candidates, some even with better qualifications. I knew I had to pull this thing somehow or anyhow.
So it got to my turn to face the panel. Questions kept pouring in as I tried my best to give the best answers. Then I was asked what are my short term and long term goals. Amongst the answers I gave I observed they where caught when I mentioned becoming a business analyst and building capacity to take on PMO roles. Ask me if I knew anything on what I have mentioned…. Nothing!
So on how I’d go about achieving this I mentioned enrolling a course with Digital Banana Technologies… And that absolutely ended the interview that day… I was so glad I had said something different from what they have been hearing.
The next day, I received a call asking me if I’d like to work at their HQ in the island…. I accepted the offer, and now I’m undergoing my training .

My advice…

To those already on the platform, you are on the right path.
And for those like me, not yet on…don’t leave, you may regret it later, even if you came in by mistake… Stay! there is a revolution about to happen in this continent. I must be part of it.
Chichi expect my call again… Very soon.”


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