He secured a Well Deserved BA Role with a Multinational using Our eWorkexperience Platform

“Please keep my identity hidden from all social media site except for telegram. I just got a Business Analyst role today with a multinational organization up North with branches also in America. It was a grueling two-stage process and I met with the management team today and was offered the job. I want to thank you Keji for such a platform. They were so interested in my knowledge of digital transformation and using data to make an informed decision
 I just don’t know where to start from. I came to join my wife in Uk last year February and a lot of people were saying I must work in a factory or do a security job. Coming from Nigeria working in a proper organization as the country manager it was really hard for me to accept such an advice. I had an interview with an organization to be a recruitment consultant because I have experience in that as well, but after the second stage, the excuse they gave me was that I could not be hired due to the fact that I wanted to improve myself in recruitment by doing a professional course. A close friend in Nigeria told me about Career Insights, upon checking the website I saw that I had made inquiries about the organization via Facebook in 2016. My BIGGEST regret is that I did not join then.
 I eventually started working in a factory due to finances constraint but made a tough decision to leave and start with CI in April 2017, the best decision I made after coming to the UK. I soaked everything in, researched a lot, had sleepless nights and fell ill due to lack of rest. I took in everything you said in the line of digital transformation, joined the numerous training. How I was able to pay for them only God knows, but I made up my mind. People in my church were laughing at me because I refused to take their advice. In short, it was like they wanted me to fail. I didn’t give up even when finances were tough. I got offers but they wanted to know if I was going to relocate my family to London environ.
 I want to thank you again for such a wonderful platform. I would also like to thank the following people: Wole Solanke who stood by me all the way and helped me prepare for interviews. George Odijie who was my product owner in DX — DM Search Marketing and analytics for all I learnt from him. Tofunmi Onaeko my partner of working odd hours to meet deliverables and all my teammates in the project. Kemi Aliu Bakare who worked with me to ensure the ework4.0 business case was ready on time. Caroline Nnadi for all her advice and guidance. And to anyone that I might have forgotten.
 To everyone waiting for their success story don’t give up, continue working hard, learn all you can and it will happen by the grace of God.”

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