Hearing Directly from the Horses Mouth

“Success story – I got a GDPR PM role to help a Christian Charity and a business to compliance with GDPR. Bigger success stories on the way

on external platforms including your whatsapp pls don’t use my personal data at the moment

I believe we have more to learn and give to the world than we realise, especially in the digital world, where are experts if you’ve been applying yourself on the platform.

Dedication and persistence, don’t be afraid to get lead roles and get involved. never give up. I signed up for 3 -6 months in Aug 2015 ended up 2 years and 8 months on the platform without any major increase of pay but got increased experience and exposure to so much. I got success stories from my job including being junior PM and PM without extra pay – so you can always reach out to Project Managers and BA’s in your company to ask what they are working on and offer to do small things while you keep applying and gaining experience on the platform. I continued re-investing into myself on the platform with mentor+, and other training but went bankrupt twice(not officially) but believed I was doing the right things. PM, Scrum Master, Planner Leads roles. Thanks to Bolade, Femi Adedoyin, Caroline Nnadi, Oludare, Deliah, Adetoun, The Raiders management team and team. Kenneth Nwokocha, Empire crew, Moneytrain crew, Mina Oghenovo, Samatha Danso, Edmonson, Lydia, Funmi Somefun, Funmi Olukoya, Doye Biu, both Jerry’s, Ikenna Ekwozor, All the Deola’s, Francis GDPR1, GDPR teams, Ola, Funmilayo Adeoye, Jide Adeoye, Tokunbo Oyinloye, Olive, I can’t name you all but appreciate you all. Thank you Keji for reinvesting in us all.

I took a big risk at the end of last year that i thought would help me get my success. story faster but I’m grateful for this start, bigger and better success stories are ahead to help digitally transform industries. Your success story is closer than you think. I know a lack of personal confidence and believing in myself made my journey longer but I worked on it and am still improving. All glory to God.

the business company I’m doing their GDPR compliance with a partner was a conservation that led to a pitch and the Christian Charity was telling the head of IT what. I was involved in at DBT including GDPR and digital transformation at. an information security conference we both attended. so go out and see what is happening in the world and in the future at conferences, webinars. I have given a GDPR Workshop to Small and medium business twice now in March and working with industry partners to maximise the opportunity.”


Getting your hands dirty pays!

This Monday morning I want to fire you up.

I want you to know you are not hear my mistake and I am going to prove it to you by using the success stories that came in over the weekend.

Don’t always expect the door to be open. This is the mistake most of us Make. Always leave home with politeness, a master key and a sledge hammer.

You come in peace – knock

If they don’t answer – try using your master key

If that doesn’t work – break than damn door down with your sledge hammer

Life isn’t fair. Understand this

80% of people don’t care about your problems and 20% wish you had them.

Turn yourself into a service provider rather than someone praying for a job, hoping someone will help you. Deceiving yourself into believing breakthrough comes from getting on your knees praying and doing nothing about it.

A little folding of hands, a little slumber here and there and poverty will hit you like a bandit.

You are going to be successful because you are getting your hands dirty.

Develop your gifts and make sure it meets the needs of the times.

A man’s gift will make way for him and bring him before Kings.

Now enough talk, let these success stories do the rest:

– — –

“Good morning Keji

Surely there is an end and the great day has finally come.

I have my success story!

My Father and Lord I thank you.

I joined this great platform back in September 2015. The plan was to start applying after three to six months, but that was not the case. I was always in and out with several personal issues, the main one was I wanted to know everything before applying. Most people I spoke to kept telling me you cannot know everything and honestly you know enough already. I never believed them. They told me to get my hands dirty, oh dear yes I did get my hands muddy.

I finally started applying late last year nonstop, first month no calls. Then the calls started coming, but never wanted to pick the calls hated interviews. Fast forward my story I am pleased to let you know I got my Business Analyst role. The interesting part is this was my first interview and only interview.

I will like to say this platform is a great place to be and to all the lovely people on this platform, please stay focus, get your hands dirty, read, read and read, invest in training yourself please it works. Thank you to everyone on this great platform I cannot mention everyone’s name, but a very special thank you to Dayo A, Felix O, Funmi A, Mandona C, Ayo A, Banks D, my mentor plus boss Femi A, my mentor Bolade F and Keji Giwa thank you very much for this great platform. The Lord bless you continually. Thank you everyone.”


It’s not just a Nigerian thing but we have helped a great bunch of them


“Good morning boss, just to inform you I got a job as an IT consultant at a tax firm in Lagos

Hi Keji,

I would like to inform you with great pleasure that I started work last week with a Tax consultancy firm in Lagos as an IT consultant. It has been a long road but I am glad I went through the flames to come out refined.

I still remember stumbling on an article about Careerinsights sometime in April 2016, after trying to get a job since December 2015 having completed my Masters in the UK. With all my attempts in getting a job coming to naught, I said to myself why not give them (Careerinsights) a try. So I called the Lagos office spoke with Blessing and came onboard on May 2016.

Getting on the platform I joined various projects CI-Empire, Bot-FAQ, Eagle Eye etc started with taking minutes, writing reports and volunteering for other tasks but I still didn’t know what was going on even after being consistent on meetings, why one may ask? Well I was at far away Calabar and had no one to give me some sort of support or had no form of onboarding session, something those joining today enjoy. Then the screen of my Macbook got bad and that of my phone as well, I was like of all the times in the world to experience this. Any way before long my subscription ran out and I was not yet done with watching the PM or BA videos. I subscribed again for another 3 months, got a laptop from a friend and kept attending meetings.

Then on a certain weekend, sometime late 2016, just before the digital transformation wind started blowing on the platform, Keji held a competition and was giving out 1 year subscription to winners. I told God if this platform would lead me to something fruitful let me win and win I did. Then another lull in activities, caused by incessant problems with the transformer. around where I stay (which at times lasted for weeks) and cost of data subscription.

Got to Mentoring and still was not versed with certain things on the platform I held off applying to any job till I was sure of what I was doing. Light came when Keji held refresher sessions sometime in August last year and I joined the data analysis specialist training by Vyas and Oyinua. I selected George as a mentor and then started applying for work. For months no calls only visits to my LinkedIn profile yet no call for interview. Then this year I rewrote my CV and started sending it out. Got a couple of calls and then had my first Interview last month, where I spoke about how digital transformation was helping position DBT as a major disruptor in the tech industry.

My advice to everyone is no matter what challenges you may be facing here, you are at the right place so just keep at it you will get your success story at the end. I would like to thank you, Keji for this platform and every other member of the DBT management team, Ade Folarin for always checking in on me, George Odigie, my Mentor for his encouraging words during our mentoring sessions. If there be anyone I have left out please take no offence as I thank you all as well. I would like to thank God most especially for giving me the grace to stick to the platform till I got my success story. Funny thing my rent expired this month just as I got a job. Is God not wonderful?

PS: I will still be on the platform not going anywhere”


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