His 1st job was a project support role, now he’s a data and business intelligence analyst

It’s not about your first role but the consecutive much higher paying roles. #highflyer #salaryincrease

First success story:

Just being offer to support a digital zone project within a local authority whwre i currently work

I currently worked there but my contributions to current project gave me advantage. Infact I was working from home today when they call me and received an email from HR. Sharing knowledge from DBT about digitising, automating. and integrating channels, improving processes. while using centralised data. for predictive analysis. and business intelligence. As you may know Local authorities are a bit lay back but things are changing and there are loads of opportunities out there. I used to be limited company but they want me to go permanent. I worked on my many projects varying from Win Hunger Games, CI Hackers, CIA Sherlock and currently doing background work on projects like DX Data Centre, DX VoiP and still learning to keep myself informed. One good thing people needs to know you learn, research, contribute. and continue to learn and surely the gain will surely come to you. Thank you for the vision you’ve set to impact and change lives. Remember, nothing can’t stop us .. we are all the way up. 👍👍👍

My aim is for a senior Digital BA but no doubt its closer now

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2nd Success story

Be inspired

I just want to share my success story with you and please keep me anonymous on all platform.

I will just encourage others. Commitment and continuous hard work wins the race and keep you in progression. Just changing roles within the same organisation. What I have learnt on this platform formed a solid ground for me to build on. Thanks

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