How Acquiring Key Digital Skills Sets You Apart and Guarantees You Roles in Today’s Digital Age

Remember, we live in the digital age, digital marketing informs IT decision making. Digital Marketing literally means data driven marketing and all that customer data either has leads, existing customers etc feeds into the database and the relationship between business and customers managed via CRM then visualised using a business intelligence tool or software.

You are a digital project manager working on digital transformation initiative, you have been apart of the initial transformation phase and now you are now in optimisation phase.

You work very closely with the digital strategy team, digital centre of excellence and digital marketing team.

There are 3 types of digital PM and BA roles focusing on either or all:

1. strategy formulation
2. Implementation constantly liasing with digital marketing team, tech team and strategy team
3. BAU — Digital Marketing — customer experience — business intelligence

You will find 2 and 3 most in demand as most are implementing or carrying on with business as usual

Having a digital marketing certification, working on digital transformation, having that agile / devops experience plus AI sets you apart and literally guarantees you a role.

Digital Marketing certification will help you:

1. Define & Understand the audience from each channel and how best to engage them

2. Help you to understand channel’s conversion rates (search, social, mobile etc) and how earned, owned and paid media links together to deliver superior customer experience and higher conversion rates.

3. Communicating the digital needs to tech to achieve business objectives

4. User experience, customer experience and ecommerce.

5. Understand Analytics, measurements, metrics and KPIs.

Be inspired by this success story and keep rocking guys!!!

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She Just Secured an Associate Project Manager Role in a Pharmaceutical Company

“I joined DBT in 2016 after seeing the ads on Facebook and attended the one week intensive training with XXXX XXXX and XXXX XXXX. I joined the eWorkexperience platform immediately as advised by the trainers and worked on the CM — Exodus 2, Digi — Afric Wamco and WIN — Hunger Games projects. I found myself taking on the lead role as a PM on the WIN — Hunger Games just weeks before it was halted but that was where I found the confidence to stay on this project management journey. Attending Sponsor’s meetings, PD review meetings and taking on tasks all cemented the knowledge gained.

Shortly after the project was halted, I had to go into hospital for a major surgery that almost turned bad. I was in the hospital for weeks, fighting to save my life and the attending issues that came with the surgery. I was so dejected when I came out of the hospital that I just threw myself back into DBT with the hope that keeping myself busy will take my mind off all my worries and pain. But alas, that was when we were first introduced to XXXXXX XXXXX and he has blocked my account. I had no access to what I had done before and no way of even continuing where I left off. WHAT???.

I appealed to Keji and in his graciousness, unblocked my account with some other people’s on the platform. It was quite hard getting back into the normal order of things but then some openings came on in the Programme Office and I applied for a PMO Analyst role. At the same time, I was made a JPM on the just concluded DBT Awards 2017. I knew pressure like never before. I will just say I broke down a couple of times during this period but I was determined to learn all I could. I really appreciate all the management and project team members on the Oscars 2017 project cuz while they did not know exactly what I was going through they were all willing to help out whenever I got overwhelmed. My appreciation also goes to the Programme Office team (2017). Every and any help was just a private message away and we all step in to support each other.

I started applying for roles when I thought I was ready last year but none came through. I was discouraged a lot along the way but other people’s success stories kept pushing me on. I kept sending out my CVs regardless and then I got a call from a recruiter. I had not applied for this job but he saw my CV online. It was perfect for a role that was just 10mins drive away from my house and I tick all the boxes. Will I please, go in for an interview? He sent the JD and other information to me and kept urging me to go. I passed the first stage of the interview, was invited in after a week for the 2nd stage and was offered the role almost immediately. YES, THIS CAN ONLY BE GOD.

To all team members I have worked with (on projects and in the Programme Office) on this platform, I say a massive THANK YOU. I couldn’t have done it without you. I really won’t be putting down names cuz I am very sure that I will miss out some people. I don’t want that to happen.

I do apologise for the long write-up but this is my breakthrough success story. I do hope it inspires someone to keep pushing for it and never give up. Keep learning, ask for help from amazing people on the platform, get those hands really dirty cuz you wil talk about all you’ve done. Above all, TRUST GOD AND NEVER GIVE UP.”

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