How Career Insights Started, Sharing the Inspiring Journey

This is a story of how I started Career Insights, the breakthroughs, the rise, the fallbacks, the lessons and how I eventually achieved success, keeping in mind that even more can be achieved after you reach your goals. I hope it inspires you, as it has many others, spurring you to dream and dream big, knowing that with God, resilience and discipline, you can achieve anything, no matter the circumstance.

It started with an idea, a great idea to build an IT research library, all I had was a few friends from University and £15,000 loan, no job, just a loan. Where do I start?

I started by identifying what each of my friends could do. Who the developer was, who is the designer was etc., and then, me, having to do all the sales and marketing, building specs for the app and strategy for the business. I learnt very quickly that building a website is one thing, getting people to be aware of it and then using it are two different things.
Let’s just say that traditional marketing was the way forward in those days and google AdWords was expensive, I couldn’t afford it. Display ads was totally ineffective, as it is only for branding and my only option was cold calling IT directors who wanted to see other customers using it before they did. Six months later I was £60, 000 in debt, broke and unemployed.

Lesson 1:
Because you have an idea don’t mean it’s a profitable idea if you can’t reach your target audience with the budget you have.


Remember I was already in this market before it became a qualification. So that business failed and I had to look for a job. I then found a website in America that sold tried and tested CVs. Bought them for $100 and then tailored them to UK CVs.

First I have to identify where my target audiences where – job boards. Then I had to discover which job board allowed access to candidates – CV library. Then I have to advertise on there – it was dead cheap, I was writing 10 CVs a day at £75. I also had to price the market well. Competitive but not cheap.

My biggest mistake- The owners of the CV library contacted me and increased their Ad cost from £150 per ad to £1500 per ad. I said no, they deleted my account and never allowed me back again.

Lesson learnt? Don’t burn bridges because you think you have landed.

I took the 100 CV templates, turned them to UK CV templates, digitized it and put them on a CD then created I created a web presence and start selling the CD through channels with a revenue split. Petrol stations > £14.99 the petrol guy keeps £5 and I take £10, then I linked up with ben TV and passion TV and started running a TV program on career coaching, it was not as good as the £14K a month. Nowhere as good but it brought in revenue.

Lesson 2:
Traditional marketing is time consuming, hard to reach your target audience and conversion is really low. As a startup you are best capitalizing on digital channels.


Eventually I got a job as a PM / BA with a tech start up that was when my life started changing. Before then I did a business development manager role with another tech start up and helped them raise $5m, then I demanded they give me ref for a PM role, as I was fed up of sales on the condition that I hit target consecutively for 3 months.

In my first PM / BA role, within six months, I was demoted to QA and left in the basement where I worked with Ukrainian developers and testers. It was there I silently built my developer team. Then I was head hunted by Digivate, another digital solutions company which had investment from the same investors who invested in the startup I was working for.

When I walked into the meeting, they said my reputation precedes me and here is a blank contract tell us how much you want. We have spoken to your boss and we want you as Head of Quality Assurance.

Lesson 3:
Demotion is promotion when you are in the hands of God. Rejection is direction when God is in control. Imagine I had resigned when I was demoted.


So as head of QA at Digivate, my life started. I learn everything to do with SEO, email marketing, app development, ecommerce, display advertising you name it. It was crazy. I was doing a BA, PM, program manager role while maintaining a QA standard for managing all client portfolios. This was where I met Jerry Okorie who was working as an SEO expert with Digitvate.

Within 6 months I mastered everything I needed to learn and realized where I was going wrong. I created a business case for and worked with my close friends Daniel Agoye to secure £1.2m investment from TY Danjuma.

Lesson 4:
There is a time for everything under the sun. Work experience is key. Spend time before you spend money. Learn and master the ropes before you go in head first. And even when you learn and master the ropes, go foot in and never head in.


So let’s start with what I did with Tellallmyfriends. Imagine this was your business and you just promised £250K initial investment to start and you are told to quit your job and you did.  We were already devising a business model for Tellallmyfriends.

Now the first investor who promised us £250k told us to quit our jobs and go sign a contract for an office in Docklands. We did. Come time to give the money the guy did not show.Daniel and I are unemployed with a great idea and no money.

Lesson 5:
Words are cheap and never take advise from someone who makes promises with no action. However, in hindsight I believe God was Speaking through him because if he never told us to quit we wouldn’t have.


My friend Daniel you all see sitting next to me at DBT Awards each time, spoke to his dad and his dad was going to pay off his mortgage but he decided to put the £250k into the business, that was what saved us. This is why I make sure Daniel is next to me come what may I can never abandon that guy.

So we have £250k hired a film crew and started filming extreme experiences round the country.
I partnered with who sold gift experiences and worked out a 10% commission. Then I started building the world’s first video commerce site.
In six months, £250k was finished and we desperately needed money. So Daniel spoke to his dad who manages shares for TY Danjuma and he asked us how much we needed. We said £7m. He connected us with his funds manager and then… God started to do the impossible and the devil started to work harder to bring us down.
We met with the fund manager who told us that personally he didn’t want to invest and 7m was too much that we should take 700k to go away. Daniel and I went home and prayed.

That night God showed me a vision. I was sitting with TY Danjuma, Daniel and the fund manager and TY Danjuma asked me: Daniel I know you, I don’t know why should I invest in you. Fund manager started saying stuff I got angry and destroyed the entire opportunity. I woke up and God told me, when you have that meeting shut up and let Daniel talk, when you are asked calm down and understand I am in control.

Surreally enough, On the day of the meeting TY Danjuma said: “Daniel I know, you I don’t know” and Daniel grabbed my leg because I had already told him the vision. I kept quiet let Daniel introduce and then I did. We finally got our investment but not 7m, it totaled £1.2m. And now we have everything needed to build.

I cut off and went directly into competition with them. Built the video commerce site and connected all the videos to a dynamic buy now button inside the video. With £1.2m we started recruiting the best PPC guys, SEO. I focused on email marketing and partnered with

It was at this point we started stealing market share from Buyagift. We were making £60,000 per month and it was gooood business. We bought new cars cash down and I moved to a pent house in Docklands. By the way before then I was living in my council flat in Woolwich. The place smelt of piss and crazy people

But then, by the second year Buyagift started dealing with us. They had £10m in reserve as we downloaded their accounts and we only had sales and 1.2m investment which was depleting. They also got investment from the Dragon’s Dens guys and came back into the market. Virgin Experiences also tapped into it, now we were fighting with ‘big big boys’. My only solution was to use innovation in technology to gain a competitive advantage, so I focused on digital technology advancement.

I immediately tapped into Facebook and wanted to spend at least £100, 000 on Facebook. Investors thought I was crazy and told me I will not do that, I wanted to dominate search and invest in Pay Per Click (PPC). Investors said No. In fact, it got to a point when they said, “Use your sales reserve, as we will no longer invest in you because you have mad crazy ideas and we don’t believe you know what you are doing”.

At this point 2007 Facebook has just started gaining momentum. Getting fans was literally free and cheap. Now ladies and gentlemen this is where strategy is key and innovation in customer experience and giving customers what they want is critical. We earned 30% commission on all sales and if the vouchers where not redeemed all the money came to us.

We were still going strong until Buyagift did something I will never forget, it was then I realized that in the UK, Oyinbo people look out for each other. They could not beat us in technology and we were doing well with marketing, so they decided to attack our suppliers.

Now, we were new in the game, making suppliers a nice change but they had been with suppliers for years and generated 100s of thousands of pounds for them. So they told suppliers to cut our commission to 15% or they will not work with us.

Some suppliers cancelled with us all together, Silverstone refused to work with us. At one point we heard “who are these African jungle boys who think they can just come here and hold a market that does not belong to them”. The war was on!

Then we decided to go mobile, having a mobile first strategy, it was a complete success. That was when we launched Grantmywish app and we were shortlisted for the 2012 innovation awards.

It cost £70,000 to build and it still didn’t work because I outsourced it to a UK development company using the Waterfall framework. I inherited it with strict contract rules that I stipulated, saying, the code must be inheritable and extendable, so if it did not work I could do what I wanted to fix it, and then placed Anton, our Developer in with them to learn.

It took them eight months to build, I inherited it and finished in it two months rewriting the whole thing. Then we were shortlisted for the Innovations awards

So we survived that year thanks to digital advancement but the real killer was, Buyagift got to them and they cancelled their contract with us, which accounted for 70% of our sales.

Lesson 6:
Spread your bread in many waters.


Then Groupon came into the market, offering up to 90% off. They crippled everyone including Buyagift but literally killed us. With no more investment capital, no revenue coming in and revenue sales depleted, we were broke and we had to both decide to go back to work.

At this point, what would you have done?

Well, I had learnt a lot by this stage- Never turn the gift or the person God uses to bless you into your God. Focus on the Giver of those gifts and the one who brings people your way.
Spread your bread in many waters
Choose your battles well, if you will lose fight another day.
Don’t be too busy focusing on the current challenges that you miss the imminent danger of innovative & disruptive companies that can shut you down.
Always innovate even if it cost you. It will keep you ahead of the game.
Invest in your own people, create a market for your own people. You will never be seen as a native and one of their own in a foreign land.
God first and everyone else can go to hell.

All these defined my next move. What is actually funny is what I am doing right now is no different from what I did when I was 15years old and 17yearrs old. In Nigeria, I used to write stories, pretty dark, but intensely emotional stories and I will write one a week and give to class mates to read, you will find people reading my writings in groups, passing it around and waiting each week to read the rest.

At 17 I wrote another and photocopied it, selling for 50 Pence. Part 1-10 made some money no matter how little for it was for lunch, as I worked free for my uncle before I went to the University selling around 60 copies in a week. A man’s gift will make way for him and a man’s gift will bring him before Kings. You don’t need to only believe the stories in the bible but see it working till today in people’s lives. God is alive.

But that was when I was 15 and 17, however, how is that different from today? Then, I wrote to entertain, today I write to inspire and change lives. You just have to know what you are born with and never forget the things that excited you at your youth. Let God polish you up and establish purpose who what he himself gave you.

So we went from making £60,000 a month to making £0 a month. Daniel and I were broke, I had to move out from my pent house in Docklands, back to my smelly council flat in Woolwich and we had to decide to look for another job, as every investor was saying no to us, as we were also going through a recession then 2012, you all remember?

Now, to how Career Insights was born. So here is God coming in again… You see I was working for Masterfoods as a retail territory executive and I could have stayed there my whole life earning £22,000 a year, and working from home with a company car going from retail store to retail store, but I had another passion. A passion for adding value in other people’s lives and I wrote a book called- The 7 Steps to Securing your Dream Job.

It changed the lives of so many people and I won two TV shows for it. This was around the time I was selling my CVs.


Honestly, I had no idea where the wisdom came from but I wrote 120 pages in one week. Check out the results-

So I am 25yrs of age and I have written a book and people have followed it and secured jobs, I have written CVs for people and people are securing high paying roles. But there was a problem, the people I was helping were now earning £300-£500 per/day, and at one point Daniel was earning £1000 per month.
Guess what roles they were earning money doing. Guess what roles I was doing their CVs for?
If you guessed Project Management, you were right, at that time Business Analysis was not a role that people got. So, here I am, writing PM CVs for people and I don’t have a PM job. So I remember calling Maria, one of the candidates who I helped do her CV and she got a job with Cisco. I told her to teach me Prince 2 and she did in a day, I went home and mastered the book in a week. Then I called my girlfriend then and taught her as well. together we took the exam and passed it.
Then I called Maria and asked her to hook me up with an agency, and she did, by this time I had left Masterfoods and now working for Reevoo, where I was a business development manager. Maria gave me her agents name at Cisco, I called him up and told him to also help my girlfriend, he asked for both our CVs.
I told my boss that I need to leave in 3 months and I will hit all targets if he says I was a PM at this job and he should start letting me work with the implementation manager, who was actually doing the job I was doing before he joined, as they wanted me to focus only on sales and I wanted more.
So as God will have it I was going for tonnes of project coordinator roles and they will not give me a phone interview let alone face to face.

Now one day the agent called me and said he had an interview for me and my girlfriend for the same role at Cisco. I called my girl up and said I will pull out so she can get the job because I feel I have more experience, but she refused. We both went for the interview and they said I suited more a PM role and she was much better for the project coordinator role. So all of a sudden my girlfriend, who was earning less than  £20, 000 a year, was now earning £250 a day, and I am here on £24k a year.

I was well excited for my girlfriend, and we went out to celebrate that day. Today, she’s a thought leader in the field and taking it in like mad. One thing I respected her for was, she never wanted handouts and she never needed your pity. Let’s both go for it and may the best man win.

So here I am in the stupid job I now hate and I have decided to give up on applying for project coordinator roles. I change my CV to PM and decided to put my experience when I built, the IT research library that got me into a £60, 000 debt. I put down every project I worked on and turned them into work experience as a project manager.


Project Manager/Client Relations
Reevoo (Business Development Manager but same thing)

Client & Brand Project Relations Manager
Masterfoods (real title Retail Territory Executive but same thing)

Lead Project Manager (the truth, although, it was my company)

Project Manager
Career Insights (the truth, but my company).
So I blasted out my CV and the first job I applied for called me up and said they wanted to arrange an interview that they have seen my cv and my years of experience and I am exactly what they are looking for, as soon as I put the phone down I never picked up her call for two good weeks, I was afraid

She hunted me non-stop and I will give one excuse or the other because I was scared. Eventually she convinced me to just go for the interview, if I don’t like it then I could turn it down, but she is confident they want me, that they had interviewed everyone from large companies like Yahoo, Microsoft and Google but they just are not getting what they wanted.

So I was like “and it’s me that they now want abi? I beg please”. Anyway I went for the interview, met Andy Skipper, the IT manager and Mark Cunningham, who is my mentor till today. Mark asked one question, he said, “You have a product that needs to go live in three months, you know it’s going to be a disaster, and the investment given means you must go live in three months. If you don’t, the business is in trouble, what will you do”

Lesson 7:
Never despise the days of small beginnings, and every failure you learn from it is preparation for tomorrow’s success.


Remember I told you about Keyitsolutions, the IT research library; well, I promised the three clients I had we would go live in three months and they committed to paying £15,000 each, enough to get me on track. I was so focused on going live that I did not pay attention to quality assurance, user experience etc., when I went live at the time I said I would, the client couldn’t use the system, they hated it and refused to pay. That’s how I got into £60,000k debt because I banked on the £45,000 and took an extra loan.  Little did I know that that lesson was the key to my first project management job. Experience is key, guys.
So I told Mark about the issue I had had with Keyitsolutions, and what I would do is define the scope of work and align it with immediate business benefit with a clear break down of stages, and each stages reviewed before moving on to the next stage assessing issues, risks, assumptions and dependencies.

I told him that he would not need to worry about finding out on the day he can’t go live but he would be informed long before, through progress and status reporting, and where an exception needed to be put in place, we would act fast, as it is better for you to deliver late and deliver well, than for you to deliver on time and lose the entire business.

I was hired on the spot and Mark later told me that he hired me for one reason and one reason alone. He was looking for a project manager who was an entrepreneur and understood digital. He wanted someone who could see the bigger picture, yet understand what the bottom line was. My failure has become my breakthrough .

That was my first PM role, and I later found out that I was to manage multiple digital start up projects with investments from Brent Hobberman who sold for $1bn. I met him and also made him my mentor.

Now, back tracking, while, I was on the train going to work two weeks before I got this interview, I prayed a prayer, I said: “Lord today I am not going to ask for anything for myself. Infact I don’t want anything again, only that you please help me to use the great gifts you have given me to be a blessing to your kingdom, you have given me the give of creativity, Lord how can I be creative for your kingdom. You have given me the gift of the gab; how can I talk for you. You have given me the gift of problem solving, what problems do you want me to solve for your people.”

And if I am lying God should strike me dead right now, on that train I heard loud and clearly in my ears: “Tellallmyfriends”, I looked around and no one had said anything, but instantly I was excited, I screamed, “Yes, thank You Jesus!” and I was over the moon.

Now to you may be thinking you just heard a word but the way God works is this, he will give you a seed for talent. If you are a carpenter he will give you wood; an accountant, number; a lawyer, a case; a painter; a brush and inspiration; in my case, for my creativity, problem solving skills and gift of the gab he gave me a word and that word I turned into an idea.

Please, if you don’t believe me just try it, stop asking for what you want, seek first God’s kingdom with your talents and gifts and he will bless you beyond. The moment I got the name Tellallmyfriends was when I got the PM interview with Moveme, and the rest was history.

If you have been following the story, it is clear that God orchestrated the whole thing. So now how did Career Insights start?

It all started with me working as a PM, demoted to QA in the basement, with loads of time in my hands and a development team in Ukraine who I was managing for the company I was working for. I told them my Tellallmyfriends idea, and they told me it will cost two Developers and a PM, and that will be £2500 per month. My take home after tax was £2800 per month, I needed more money because I had bills and debts to pay.

So I started telling all my friends who wanted to do PM that I had a project and I could teach them since I was a PM and I had a developer team. So I would do the sessions at holiday inn reception areas, a little sit around area, paying the manager £100 to allow me to use it and I will train people after work 7.00pm – 9.00pm, Monday- Friday, and then sat back to back two hours each from 8.00am-10.00am, 10.00am – 12.00am, and carry on until 8.00pm non-stop. Sundays were for church.

I was drained, but I charged £250 and made enough to pay the developer to build Tellallmyfriends, while I was working full time, it was what I built that we used to get our first initial investment of £250,000.
There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother, this is Daniel Agoye. We then started Tellallmyfriends together. Now I didn’t stop Career Insights, but I continued allowing people to come in to our office in Docklands. Pictures below-


My staff when we went filming for the experiences


When we were featured in the papers.


2012 Innovations Awards


At work with employees. We have iPads at the end of the year to all staff


The PM training when I was running TAMF


And the success stories that followed

Even Almond Careers today, his success story was from Tellallmyfriends.

By now, we really have come a long way, but in those days I trained no more than 15, maximum 20 people a month and it was dead cheap, but when I had to go back to work, we couldn’t afford the office anymore and there was no money.
Daniel asked me, “Keji, what do we do?” And I told him, “I don’t know, but this time I am going to God, and he is going to find a way because I am not going back to work ever! I either die here today than go back to 9-5.” So I moved out of the pent house to save cost, moved back to my council flat, pretty depressing, that week I moved back I got robbed.

I sold the car I bought cash for £30,000, for £15,000, so I could invest it back into the business and had to let go of all these wonderful people.


I traveled to Ukraine, fired the entire developer team and kept just Anton.

Now I told Daniel that “if you jump into the sea and you can’t swim, be prepared to drown or float, but I am never going back to shore”. I got on my knees and turned to God and said “Lord, the only thing left is Career Insights, the one thing you have used to change people’s lives, so if you want to continue to use me, then you be my investor, you be my board of director and you make this thing successful by directing me because if I get a job, it’s over.

I got up and decided to do everything the Danjuma investors refused to support,I turned to Facebook, capitalized on email marketing and built a sales funnel driven site for Career Insights. On Facebook I was real, I shared my story and was open about how we helped people, by the following week, we were having to turn people away.

We were fully booked for the next three months. We made enough money to cover the office and keep me training, Daniel stayed on for three months and eventually got a director role, managing real estate investments. I was still scared, and decided to go looking for work because I thought it was a fluke.

Each interview I went for turned either into a fight because the IT manager was scared he would lose his job or the company was scared I will steal their clients. I always passed every stage but when it came to meeting the CEO it was- “You have a developer team, you have built this business and you know quite a lot. If we introduce you to our clients, what’s stopping you from stealing them? You already have the trade secret of getting development cheap in Ukraine and you are literally a natural solutions architect.”

Eventually, I toned down my knowledge and starting getting offers but each week I got an offer, God will over book me for the next few weeks and again it will happen. So I asked my girlfriend then that I think God wants me to do this full time and not look for work, because each time I get a job offer, he floods our doors with candidates and I make so much money I need not work for a month.

She said, “I think you should take the job”, me being stubborn and always doing what I want to do, did not listen. I went into prayer and said, “Lord, if this is truly you and you want me to stick to Career Insights, then give me three times the candidates you are already given me next month, and make it consistent for three months and I will know it’s you.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the rest is history, that year we made over £150,000, I had to go from sole trader on Career Insights to a full fledge company and I created Digital Bananas Technology. In the second year we made over £300,000. You can see the rest from here, including the year me made over £300,000. Check link below-
We have not looked back ever since, and today we have a hub in Nigeria launching October 1st.


We have celebrated thousands of success stories with each year celebrating in their hundreds.


And majority of these people have gone on to buy their own homes and more homes.

Today I thank God for digital media, digital technology and digital marketing.

I thank God for Mark Zuckerberg. I thank God for the founders of Whatsapp, Telegram and Instagram, mobile and social media marketing, I thank God for Salesforce and iContact, I thank God for GoToWebinar, Basecamp, Ryver, Jira,, Confluence, Smaply.

But it does not end there. What you see here is my journey but then you need to understand that when God is building a business you alone cannot run it so he starts to bring you his own employees
People who do it for God and not you, People like Caroline FemiOla, Oyinua, Adore, Funmi, Oludare, George etc.


So what next?

We have alumni on here, we have candidates about to finish their training, interviewing and so much more. The next level is far greater than just getting a job the next level is getting the kind of job that will keep you secured financially and help you build your own business so your family’s future is secured for generations to come.

The next level is being way above the top 10% in the UK, as long as you building credibility, you are always going to be increasing in value. As from today hence forth, you must make decisions based on the opportunity never cost. Two heads are better than one, they get more. There’s strength in being your brother’s keeper.

Your first or at least your 3rd contract will most likely put you in the top 10 in the UK. What we need to be talking about how you are going to be above the top 10%, where you are going home with close to £300,000 per year.

I will interpret a little further.

As long as you are building credibility with each contract, you will always be increasing in value and your credibility will always pave the way for the next, so you must make decisions based on what you want to achieve and not what you need to survive, what you need to survive is cost, what you need to achieve is opportunity.

You must build strong relations with each other and be your brother’s keeper. You will get a contract role as a GDPR Project Manager and they will be recruiting for a GDPR Business Analyst, and you will recommend each other. You will continue this until you dominate the digital industry with different digital roles and you will be connected, and connecting each other to the point that you will all always be in contract, because you are all your bothers keepers.

Do you now understand?
You can no longer be thinking and making decisions based on what you need to cover each month in terms of cost because that’s all you will ever do. You have to start thinking of making decisions using opportunities because opportunities create more opportunities, while cost creates more costs.
Now if I can do it and go through all the madness I went through and today it looks like life has always been good for me, then what more of you.

I am the least among you. Trust me I know this let me show you my A level results so you know that I was an “Olodo”,  I was terrible in school, your typical D student no doubt.

If I can do it you can do it, because I guarantee most of you did way better than me in school, didn’t start life with 3 CCJS, 5 defaults, £60,000 in debt and bad credit, with no hope of ever moving up the career ladder, and I started being a failure very early in life at the Age of 23.
So learning from what I did. You have a product or service the first thing you think of is:

How do I digitize it and create a mobile first strategy? The digital age we live in means we need to integrate into our customers’ lifestyle through the digital mediums and channels they use. So whatever it is, think ‘Digitise’.

Then you want to be customer centric considering Automation and CX (Customer experience) and UX User experience).This is critical to success, it will drive down your operational cost and increase customer acquisition and retention.

Next, you need insights and foresight through data to predict and preempt, this is where data comes in. From day one I knew the power of customer data and email marketing. You must understand the buying life cycle and the average customer conversation timescale, without this you are just gambling.

Then you need content in all forms. Content is king! With content you can then engage but, you need the right content to engage; the way you talk to existing customers is different from how you speak to new customers. Be bold, and always be ready to show off using facts and figures.

Understand your competitors, research them more than you research yourself. Know their strengths and weaknesses, but more importantly, learn from what they do really well and perfect it. Pick your battles wisely. Don’t compete with those that can crush you, instead partner with them.

Build credibility, and, lastly, focus on adding value by constantly delivering.
Now you will get to a point where decisions have to be made and pretty quickly you will learn that you are hated more that you are actually loved.

Big Lessons number 8:
Opinions are exactly what they are, there is someone’s idea of what is right and it don’t make them right. Listen to what people have to say, but let the ultimate decision be in line with the vision given to you.
You owe no one an apology for not listening to them.
Make sure the people advising you qualify to advise you in the realm they are advising you in.
You will quickly realize that you know a lot of people but only have one or two close friends, and value those that have your best interest at heart. Give them a reason to belong; something I am learning.
A friendship that cannot add to your life or you cannot add to their life when in time of need are just two people deceiving themselves finding comfort in ignorance
Iron sharpens iron and two heads are better than one was said for a reason. Iron and wood cannot be friends. Wood will be damaged and iron will be blunt.

Lastly build your network around the net worth of people in terms of health, finance, business, relationships, etc.
All said, we move to teaching you how to digitize a product or service.

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