How come our candidates secure PM & BA jobs paying up to or well over £550 a day each month?


You must be a little bit curious right?

10687166_10152691803259043_3852800553915387755_nA candidate secured a business analyst role yesterday paying £395 a day and even at that I am still putting my mentors under extreme pressure.


Because I am bloody greedy that’s why! I want 30 candidates to secure jobs a month.

Why settle for average when you have all it takes to be exceptionally great.

You want to be going from good to GREAT not settling for just being good.

Back to why our candidates secure jobs each month.

It’s pretty simple really.

1. We train over 100 candidates a month and raise over £60k in sales.

2. We then invest the funds into tech start up ideas and manage the budget effectively across multiple innovative projects.

3. Since we are not funded by the government and privately owned we have to put a tight reign on our budget, timeline and resources while still delivering on business value. For this we require the PRINCE2methodology when managing projects.

4. While following a best practise methodology demands a structured and process driven approach to managing projects, which is critical for success, when it comes to implementing new tech ideas, especially the ones that require you to constantly collaborate with your target audience in order to establish short term, mid term and longer business benefits and deliver a working software customers actually want to use, then going through an iterative development process and delivering on an incremental basis is key to success.

In simple English, build in bits and bobs, deliver in small stacks, get feedback and respond to changes while there is still business value.


Combining the two methodologies using a waterfall approach is what we call The WAGILE development process here at Digital Bananas Technology, our parent company.

5. We then allow all of our candidates to manage and analyse these projects while learning on the job. They gain practical work experience working on highly innovative projects and master the art of working in a hybrid development environment which is extremely attractive to employers who are willing to pay up to or well over £550 a day.

It’s that simple really.

timi1With daily mentoring support, on the job training, professional CV writing and world class interview prep, you’d be totally nuts not to at least pay us a visit for an intro session.


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