How I got Offered a Digital Project Manager Role

“…Good day sir Keji
As I promised on the phone,that I’ll send over my own success story to encourage more than enough people, to know that the experience gained in DBT,can be the difference between someone been hired for a job (because of the skills gained in DBT) and someone’s cv not even looked at,at all.
I would say I joined DBT in July,and I remember that my first call to you was more like a student getting an eye opener from his professor.
I just want to Daddy Jesus all the Glory.

My story begins (drum roll)
I got a call from an agency regarding a role, the role has a little bit of finance involved,but not the high level stuff,but things like budget and forecast,as I have finance and accounting background, but most of it will be project management
The chap then said to me that he saw my cv online, and he wanted to put my cv forward for a role in a company that manufacturers both commercial and military aircraft.

I said ok why not,as I been looking to get out of accounting

He then asked me about my DBT experience,now remember,I have mostly finance and accounting on my cv,but he went for the project management part of my cv.

I explained what DBT did,what I’ve been involved in etc.
So he said,if I’m happy we would put my cv forward.
So I obviously concurred and asked him to carry go.
The same day,he rang me back during my lunch,and said that my cv had been put in front of the hiring manager,and he would like to invite me for an interview,and wanted to know when I could attended the interview.
I agreed on the date,I was booked in,I went for the interview from work.

I got there earlier than expected,met the hiring manager,we went in.
But as we sat down we did some introduction,I realised he was indian,I said somethings in Hindi,we laughed,and then the interview started

The first thing he said was
“I have looked at your cv,and to be honest I don’t have any question to ask you as I can see that you have the experience,but just tell me of yourself”

I started talking,I answered all the questions that came up while I preached the word.
At the end of it all,he then talked about the role and how the project management skills I have will need to be used in solving so many things

But he said to me

“I’m slightly concerned,that you would get bored”

So I fired back by saying the boring times will be used to make things better,cause from your explanation regarding the role, there’s alot of stakeholder management to be done between 4 counties

Cause he said I would have to travel to France,Germany and Spain to see work been done and to manage people

So he said ok,he’ll make his decision and get back to the agency

Not knowing that the”I AM that I AM”,The Jehovah Jireh” had made the decision.
Cause he said to Joshua that where ever you step,you have obtained it

So the next day,I was in a meeting in the office,as early as half8, I got a voicemail

I heard it,and it was consultant and he asked me to ring him back asap

I rang him and he said,the hiring manager was too pleased and would like to offer you the role.
He said,I can tell you that they have been find it hard to fill the role,but after he interviewed you after the other candidates,he made up his mind yesterday and he rang us back
So I said Halleluyah to the ONE who has the key to all things.

Brothers and sisters,ladies and gents,what we do in DBT,is priceless.
I remember starting last year without any clue of Project management,but today,I stand kampe in project management.
I thank all the guys I work with and still work with on my project,the ideas,knowledge I gained from Keji,Femi,my project manager and others on the platform.
I still remain loyal to DBT as lice remains loyal to the hair😊😊
God bless you High Chief Keji for putting this platform together to praise God.
Cause I can say that,it’s one thing to get your hands dirty,it’s another thing to believe that Daddy in Heaven will suprise you with what you don’t expect.

Please can you keep me anonymous for now,till the security clearance clears

God bless High Chief Keji
God bless DBT
God bless you all

Daddy Jesus you alone deserve all the Glory on DBT”



I just secured a Project Administrator role.

“Hi Keji

Please keep me anonymous on all platforms but not on telegram, thank you!

I have just secured a Project Administrator role. And I give all the glory to God. God is so faithful and his timing is perfect!

I joined CI in August 2017 with no previous IT experience and 2 degrees (BSc & MSc) and I had decided to leave a retail role so that I could focus on gaining IT experience. So that meant, no job = no income. I immediately joined projects and began chasing tasks from minute taking to offering to write reports and eventually got a JPM role on one of the projects here at DBT. I have learnt so much from the role! I had been applying for so many jobs but had not got many replies which was super frustrating! I was even tempted to go on another career path. God knows that I have only had 2 IT role interviews since joining the platform and the second one, I got the job. GOD opened the door. GOD is sooo faithful and full of surprises. I didn’t expect it, I’m still shocked. Just when you are about to give up, GOD shows up! A friend asked if I was interested in applying for the role and at this point I was about to give up but God kept pushing me to keep trying. I applied and BOOM here’s my success story.

Advice to everyone on the platform, keep pushing. Always ask questions. Constantly look for opportunities to work on tasks and don’t expect to be given tasks. Literally chase them! Your own time will come, just have FAITH and do NOT give up no matter how hard it gets! Violent faith opens doors, like literally speak positivity no matter how you feel and things will eventually change for the better. The platform is amazing and I’m glad I joined. In fact, I wish I had joined right after finishing uni!

My mentor was Esther Okpala, thank you for the mentoring sessions! And thank you Keji for this amazing platform, it’s truly a blessing. May God keep blessing and prospering us all on this platform, Amen!”


And then there were 2

“Hey stranger! How are you doing? Longest time. Hope you are well. I just met a fellow DBT coming on to my programme with MOD Corsham. His name is XXXXXXXXXXX! We are taking over mate..

😂 weldone for your continuous hard work. I must come back to the platform to acquire more skills. What’s the in — thing happening on the platform now?
My pastor, Rufus, also told me sometime ago he was in touch with you.”


Success story | Same company

“My Oga at the top, greetings! I was going to send you a text. I just got a job with the MoD. My success story will be sent to you shortly. Emmanuel Umoke”



This is my second success story and it’s a Project Manager role

“Hi Keji happy Easter I got a success story too, God has added me to the league of success story and alumni. I got an offer on Thursday.”

— — — —

“Hello Keji

First of all l would like to thank God for your life and the inspiration you had to start CI.

It has been a great inspiration to my life. I joined CI May 2016. I mainly participated in Eagles Eye.Thanks to all the team for your support and insight. My first role and was with NHS as a PMO analyst as a contractor from May to November 2017. In February this year l managed to secure a role as a PM for a global company. My projects are based on EMEA. We have meetings and manage projects just like we did at CI. What an inspiration CI is !! The experience from CI is real very practical.
I’m still a member on the platform and l greatly appreciate the wealth of knowledge CI possesses.”



A word from our Founder & CEO Keji Giwa

Every single day, you are living in someone’s else’s idea and creativity.

You shop on Amazon. That’s Jeff Bezos idea and creativity

You are addicted to Instagram. That’s Mark Zuckerberg’s idea and creativity

You are can’t live without your iPhone. That’s Steve Jobs idea & creativity.

You are living in a corrupt country with very little opportunities for you to excel. That’s a few politicians idea and creativity.

Great minds are buried alive because they fail to position themselves in areas of influence while the retarded, self centred and extremely selfish people rule the country 😜.

Your mind has the power to change your life and give you financial freedom but you need to get out of that “waiting for a saviour mentality”

You need to understand that no one is coming to save you.

80% of People don’t care about your problem and 20% of people wish you had them.

Imagine that 20% ruling the country you live in.

There is no miracle breakthrough out in some mountain somewhere.

That’s a fantasy, and those who chase fantasy will com to poverty.

You are the miracle. The fact that you live, breath, think, can create, innovate and solve problems is a miracle.

The fact that you are blessed to find a way when others are still trying to figure things out is a miracle.

What do you mean by find a way Keji?

Are you still not alive and breathing reading this?

Are you dead? No!

Well you sure have found a way till this point right?

Get up or you will sit down.

Keep your head up and look forward or you will keep looking back in regret.

Your best is yet to come but your brain needs to start working.

You have ideas let them float
You are creative, create more.

Faith without works is dead.

You have exercised your faith for too long. Now do the work.

No one is coming to save you. The moment you understand that is the moment you start realising that God is waiting for you to become everything he created you to become.

Everything you already need to succeed is inside you. Look within.

You are the miracle we have been waiting for.

Now arise, shine and let the glory of the Lord glow all around you.

Like, share & comment:

“My mind is a working miracle. Watch this space”


This is my 4th success story

“This is my fourth success story.

I joined DBT in 2016 Feb, in the London office.

When I got there I found Keji was the one speaking. Never had I met a person with so much passion in what they do. Right there and then I made up my mind that I’m starting on Monday.

I started my training on the 1st of Feb. One of the things you said was “if you put your all you’ll see that it pays off well. This is not jazz so expect to lose friends and even some people won’t understand why you’ve become obsessed with This career insights and DBT” I always hold on to that statement.

Fast forward 2017 I got a new job because I decided to relocate and my then company was going through a restructure. Others panicked but I knew I had back up. DBT! I immediately went back to my videos and started refreshing my memory on all those important topics and then I started applying.

I then started testing waters again in 2018 to find something else and indeed I did. When I applied for the job it said Project Coordinator but when I sat in the interview the programme manager asked what I knew about the job. I told him what I had gathered from the job description. Then he also added the role was Junior Project Manager but due to organisation politics they call it Project coordinator. That didn’t shake me. 1 hour later the interview was over and the waiting game started.
They then called and offered the job on Friday.

I have learnt a lot on this platform and my learning continues. DBT has also changed the way I think. Things I thought were never possible are now possible.
This is not my bus stop, the journey still continues.

I thank God for DBT, for Keji and the amazing people on this platform. This platform definitely changes lives. Joining DBT is one of the best decisions I made.”


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