How I Secured my Business Analyst Role

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I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to be part of this great eco system. It was a journey of perseverance, hard work and focus.

I joined DBT in Nov 2016 with my classroom training with Keji in December following a call from him upon showing interest. If you remember quite well Keji, that I mentioned to you during the phone call that your partner Daniel Agoye, known then as Tolu Agoye in our university days was my course mate. Anyway, you sold careerinsight to me and right there and then it was my bank card finishing the rest of. the conversation. I said to myself in my little understanding even despite believing in him, ‘’that Keji will be smiling he’s got another catch’’ but little did I know that it was a catch to the promise land. It was amazing to know how loaded Keji was with information. His fluency and approach to explaining the concepts are second to none. I said to myself in one of the classes that ‘’can I ever be like this guy’’. He just dazzled me even uptill now. I just hoped to be there one day. Immediately I knew I was in a safe hand. It took me a while but not long to get to the rhythm. Shortly after this, I began to enjoy every moment on the platform.

Each time I looked back, I always see myself as one of the lucky ones because I joined DBT when most of the digital transformation (DX) projects kicked off and took a good advantage of this with other specialised training like Big data, with Vyas and other gurus and benefited from Keji’s numerous DX trainings and videos released out of his magnanimity as part of subscription bonus . Too many information to process at this stage while I was still struggling to grasp the traditional BA role and the then WAGILE framework and be active in meetings.

I got involved in most of the DX projects, active in a few and passive in others. I made basecamp and confluence spaces of these projects my best reference because it was definitely impossible to attend all the meetings and actively participate, but I knew I needed to understand the whole transformation initiative as two or more were mostly intertwined or dependent on each other. When I applied for a management role, I was given a Test Analyst role on IM app project which gave birth to Ryver app but functional more as a BA throughout on this project. I followed this religiously from start to finish (secret no 1). This built my knowledge on how a project runs from beginning to the end. Domenico, the project manager and Olubunmi Fasusi, the BA lead were highly professional all through but no project without its own crisis. This was where I drew my interview stories to some of the competency based questions alongside with experience I got when presenting to the senior BAs.

I waited until I knew I was ready. My 1st interview was in November 2017. It seemed I was the 1st to be interviewed for this role based on information from the agency and up until certain point, the employer could not find a suitable person for the role. I was then invited for the 2nd stage for a chat simply for them to re-establish my knowledge on digital transformation projects because I was riding on my experience on DBT DX initiative at the 1st stage of the interview because it was more of a DX project role. A day before the chat I was called by the agency that I wouldn’t need to attend again and that a lady was just interviewed and they believed she could run with the job straight away. Very painful to loose this close opportunity, but my confidence was enhanced based on the feedback I received from the agency. This suggest to me that I was ready for the market. Relaxed slightly following the loss of my dad in December and then came back with a renewed strength few months after.

My 2nd interview which landed me this job of 20 minutes drive from home was in 2 stages. After the 1st face to face I got a good feedback from the agency and was invited for the 2nd with Head of Business Analysis and the Director of IT and Business Systems, more now on competency based questions with a role play at the end on ‘requirement gat hering’ as the job will involve client facing. Big credit to Keji’s video on’ Requirement Gathering and Prioritisation and videos on ‘Becoming an Agile Business Analyst part 1–6. These 6 parts videos are the show winners when I want to refresh myself on traditional/IT BA role (secret no 2). To me these are my 6 best videos on the platform because they are a comprehensive journey of the life of a BA for a newbie . I watched and listened to these video and matched them to the life project journey on the platform. Trust me, those videos amongst others must be tired of me watching/listening to them by now (a mobile strategy does it all) because I picked up new things on every occasion, as they are hands on in my approach to interview coupled with journey/experience on real life projects.

Keji, I cannot sing praises of you more than what my predecessor have sung. All I can say is that your good works shall follow you all the days of your life. Amen.

A big thanks to the Great George Odije (GGO), a true mentor and a motivational speaker. Victor Oziabor is another big tree in the forest, a pragmatic solution provider. The BA meetings are definitely not a waste. Everything adds up from live training to project meetings, BA strategy meetings and the PMO meetings with Femi Adedoyin and others. Igwe Austine a life safer, who came to my rescue immediately I sought for help on telegram with information on a facility/property management company which now bagged me this job.

To all my colleagues on the platform, l say keep walking, keep running, keep pushing and keep fighting until you get to the promise land.

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