How I Secured my first contract BA Role in Nigeria with an IT firm

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We are always glad to get success stories from our candidates in Nigeria because it inspires everyone of us to believe that we are moving forward with the rest of the world with regards to data and digital expertise.

Let this inspire you

Hello Keji, I just got an interview invite for a project manager/business analyst role tomorrow. Can you help me with someone to prep me.

Hello Success stories loading

I just secured a Contract BA role with an IT company here in Nigeria.

This is my first role as a BA. I joined DBT/CI on September last year. If you can remember very well, I was part of the first set of candidates you trained here in Nigeria back in October (and I was a member of the team that won the 50k prize).

Since joining DBT, it’s been an amazing joining. Transiting from my discipline to the business line wasn’t easy at first, but with the aid of the tutorial videos, dedication, hard work, and assistance from the wonderful family members in DBT, the daunting task became easier.
I will like to appreciate your vision in setting up a platform such as these to allow people acquire the necessary skills and experience to become relevant in the job market. I also like to thank Babajide Arigbagbu, Iyabo, Adewale and the entire digital landlord project team for their support.

I believe this is just the beginning for me in this long journey of great success

They should apply to software and IT solutions companies because they’re in dire need of digital BA or PM. Also insurance companies

Most companies don’t have the role in their company. So they mostly invite me for a chat and I will have to lecture them on the relevance of the role to their organizations.

What are you afraid of?

When you are at peace with your flaws knowing you are a working progress and concentrating on strengthening your natural talents then its perfectly ok if things aren’t going well today, life is like a theme, its subject to change and nothing is permanent.

I have experienced being broke. What an experience.

I have experienced being loaded, what a feeling.

I have experienced love, what an amazing feeling.

I have experienced heartbreak, oh how painful.

Betrayal has rented spaces in my life without my consent and each time the eviction process has been hell.

But you know one thing that’s constant?

Triumph! Those of who who have known me for years have seen daggers, knives and Machetes stabbed or hacked into me but yet I get up and keeping moving.

The secret is not in the winning of each battle, it is in the getting back up and refusing to back down when it comes to what you believe in.

How dedicated are you to your own success if 10 out of the 1000 disasters predestined for you forces you to give up.

Because it’s not easy is exactly why you can’t give up.

Nothing good and worthwhile ever comes easy. That’s why it has value.

To find oil is not easy
To discover gold is not easy
To dig for diamonds no be beans
To earn £1000 p/day is not a walk in the park

So stop acting like a spoil brat and crying like a cry baby just because…

You don’t understand what you are learning….. yet

You have not been assigned a task….. yet

You are applying and no company is responding ….. yet

You’ve been to so many interviews and no job offer ….. yet

Are you the first to be turned down?
Are you the first to join this platform?
Are you the first to not get a response?

Nothing you are going through is new and best of all, those that came before you have the success stories to show for it.

Now you focus on leaving a success story for those coming after you. Don’t let them meet you here complaining.

You are more than you think you are capable of. Way way more.

I know this because if I can do it you can achieve 1,000 times better.

You are in most cases, wiser than I am in many ways. The mistakes I have made you will most likely never make them.

You are in most cases, full of integrity with remarkable characters compared to me. The only difference is I got to a particular place before you not because I was smarter, wiser or stronger but because I just don’t know how to give up on what I believe in.

I am no wired that way.

Now you need to rewire your mind to never give up on what you believe in.

Do you believe your success story is round the corner?

If the answer is yes, then I have news for you. How bad do you want it?

Because the path to greatness is narrow, full of traps, death stricken hills and mountains of problems just to get to the promise land.

Have you got what it takes?

What it takes being not knowing how to give up. It’s the only thing you are not allowed to know.

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