How Kayode Secured His First, Second PM Role & Now Willing to Give Back


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This is one story that will amaze and inspire you:

I was working as a Team Manager on a secondment basis up until last year June (a year today) when I was told they were making cuts and that my Job was a casualty of this. I was at an all time low. My wife had just had our first child too. And then a week later I was told about career insights and joined the session week commencing 15/06/15.
Career insights opened my eyes to the possibilities of maximising my transferable skills and subsequently, my earning potential. I worked on the Transcend Cartoon, CI Matrix, Tech Phoenix 2 and the Salesforce Project. In these projects, I got a complete understanding and opportunity to practice how to apply project governance, maintain raid logs, track delivrables on a project plan, manage change, manage stakeholders – the likes of Ola and Oyinua were very tough stakeholders, communicate effectively, present project updates, and most importantly, to be confident that as long as I knew what I was doing, I could take on the world.

Within 4 months the above set of skills completely revamped my CV and that has subsequently led to my first pmo support role earning 42,000 a year ( never seen that money before) and now currently my first contract role of £210 a day for the first 6 months but to be renewed afterwards

The long and short is, my life has changed and this is only the beginning – there is no doubt that God used DBT to make it all possible

A year on – I want to help transform others lives

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Our competitors are intimidated and can’t believe how we do it. Well if they don’t know, we really shouldn’t be telling them now should we? They have copied us enough, however you should know because you deserve a success story as well.

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Kayode’ story:

Good morning Keji

Next week – precisely on the 5th of June, would mark one year with DBT.

I joined at a time when things were very unstable in my career due to Job cuts and outsourcing

However since joining DBT last year, I’ve had two project management assignments – the most recent one a contract.

So I want to give back to CI for what it’s done for me by becoming a Saturday trainer

How do I go about doing this?

Now I’ve been working in project management for 6 months – first Job was PMO support, current Job Programme Planner – I thought why not become a trainer with career insights and follow the steps of the likes of Adeshola, Otilia and the guys who trained me

Before the above, this were his first and second success stories.

Good Afternoon Keji

Looks like God had my name on his Christmas present list

I’ve just been offered a fantastic position of….. Wait for it …… A Business Excellence Projects Facilitator ( Or PMO Analyst for short)

And the second one:

Hi Keji

I secured my first PMO Analyst position last December after gaining work experience with career insights

I have now secured my second position, this time as a Project Planner on a massive Energy and Utility Program

Remember, talk is cheap and anyone could make these things up, so come and see for yourself. When in doubt, check it out just to be sure.

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