How Nigerian candidates are progressively working their way up to relocating either in the UK, Canada or the US

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Hi Keji,

I want to thank God and everyone on this platform for the opportunity to be part of DBT.

I joined DBT July 29,2017 because I wanted to improve my skills as a BA, progress in my BA career and most importantly relocate out of Nigeria. I got my hands dirty by watching the BA videos and joining Digital Academy project. Also got the role as the IT BA for iMentor Global. At the time I was working as a BA for a software development company who then later got dissolved in November 2017. For some reason I was not moved because I knew that the knowledge and skills I had gotten in the few months being on the platform was going to get me my next BA job. By November I started applying for jobs even when I was not yet at the mentoring stage. That same month I got an interview for QA Lead in another software company in Nigeria. After the second stage I didn’t hear from them again because I told them I was completing a contract which was going to end in January 2018. Fast forward to January 2018, I got called to accept the offer but now I wasn’t just offered QA lead but BA/QA which was even better for me because BA is my first love. I started this job on Monday February 5,2018 as the first BA in a company that has been operating for over 3 years. I want to thank God and also express my gratitude to you for your wealth of knowledge, my family for their support, and members of the Digital Academy and iMentor Global project teams especially the SBAs, Narissa Nelson for giving us impossible deadlines, Foluke Omisore, Elizabeth OF, Mahawa Jackson, Elizabeth Omoaregba and it’s management team members. I know this isn’t the success story I wanted as I haven’t relocated yet (LOL) but as you said to me as long as I have secured a BA role no matter the organisation or location, it is still a success story. So Thank you and may God continue to bless you.

My advise to everyone is never give up, keep pushing, don’t despise little beginnings and know that this platform isn’t a waste of your time.

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