How Sanmi Quit His Dead End Job To Become A Business Analyst

Weightmans_LLPHi Keji top of the day to you.

You might not the remember me but I was in the December class in Manchester and I asked you what you thought about someone resigning to focus on BA/PM; you said only someone who was crazy would do it…. well call me crazy. I saved enough money to last me 3 months and started focusing on any material on BA/PM I could get my hands on. I logged on to as many meetings as I could and got involved in projects (Oleku deals, Matrix and Transcend). I made sure I understood the structures of project processes and acquainted myself with BA tools. I took the personality tests and the results weighed more to the BA side (which is what I wanted anyway). When I felt confident enough I started applying for roles and came across a BA role at a large Law firm (Weightmans LLP) in Liverpool that I really wanted and after 3 weeks of interviews and waiting, I got my offer letter today and was told that out of 10 candidates only 3 were short listed and I was chosen out of the 3.

Really happy and thank God I chose your platform to take my course (I had other options at the time). I have put your name and company forward as a reference and would appreciate it if you sent me your contact details.

Many thanks and God bless,
Adesanmi Adekusibe





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