How social and mobile are revolutionising digital marketing using AI

In digital marketing we use a variety of Digital marketing channels to reach, engage, interact and covert customers. Channels such as mobile, email, social, search, video and display.

Well, there are two channel that’s using AI to revolutionalise digital marketing and that’s mobile & social. To be a lot more precise, instant messaging and using the power of bots and AI.

Yep that’s right! We are taking a mobile social first strategy approach to our digital optimisation initiative. We launched our very own revolutionary AI chatbot Marketing solution called David Godchild.

David is fully integrated into internal and external digital channels, activities and models. It feeds information about our customers or prospects from our centralised customer data center thanks to Salesforce cloud, makes sure we are GDPR compliant and engages users. By having a multichannel & unified AI Chatbot Messenger Solution and using our business intelligence tool, wave analytics to make prescriptive and predictive decisions, David is able to pre-empt the needs of customers and know what stage of the buying cycle they are in.

Imagine getting timely messages from a friendly staff at your point of need and engaging in productive conversations that gets you exactly what you want…. Only that David isn’t human. David is a robot who is available 24–7 and can address all your needs related to our service without having to be passed round from one department to the other.

This is Digital optimisation at its best, delivering superior customer experience, driving down operational cost and improving overall efficiency.
Guess who built it? Our candidates securing all the top digital roles. The success stories you read everyday.

The power of digital

AI can radically drive down operational cost and increase your registration rate without hiring a single staff.
Faster time to market helps drive customer acquisition and increase conversion rate. For example, over 200 people registered for DMI today using David and I was only given 50 spaces. Now I have to go back to DMI to beg for more seats at the heavily discounted price. All in less than 4hrs.

Check it out:

So AI bot & automation is essential to digital marketing, but note, having a mobile social first strategy is key.
Mobile — Connects you to the upward mobile & mobile savvy users
Social — allows you to interact through instant messaging

Now add AI Bot integrated with your CRM and ESP (email marketing software) and you have a killer digital marketing strategy that delivers on point. Eighty five per cent of companies are not even aware of this, not to talk of implementing it, now imagine being skilled in such area, you will no doubt be the toast of many potential employers.

See how it works

David’s call to action: Sign up for DMI

On click Davis grabs your name, number and telegram handle but guess what, David does not have your email so he asks

You give it, and David registers you on CRM and triggers an email to you

David gives you a success message and then the brochure. Done!

Now think of how much work it would take if you had to use a human being or should I say human beings, you will be dealing with factors such as human error, delay etc. Are you beginning to understand the power of Digital technology and digital marketing and why only those who have the skills and knowledge can benefit from it, professionally and financially.

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