How Timi Went From A Dead End Job To Becoming A Lead Business Analyst With Lloyds Bank and Now Acenden Mortgage Services. She Has Helped 18 Others Secures BA Roles


IMG_4812Timi joined our intensive training program early 2014 and was one of our top record breakers when it came to securing a Business Analyst role. We can’t really take credit for her securing her Lloyds Bank role however what we can take credit for is her doing an amazing job while at Lloyds and securing her second role with Acenden Mortgage Services. One of the qualities I admired about Timi was her relentless and extremely determined attitude.

Her story is quite different from the typical candidates that come to Career Insights. She had already done a lot of personal reading, successfully passed the professional qualification exams and now certified. She had even secured her Lloyds Bank BA role but she needed the hands on experience and didn’t want to get fired within her first few weeks of working on a job that was paying just over £11,000 a month as a contractor.

IMG_4808She came on the one week intensive hands on training paying attention to every detail and asking questions non stop. As soon as she completed her training session, she demanded my number and got heavily involved in live projects. Giving her my number was initially the biggest mistake I ever made because she was calling me non stop and at worst late hours. We would go through her work and what she had to deliver and I would coach her late into the night, in most cases past dawn.

When you speak to someone constantly for so long you eventually become friends with them. I think the cheeky and extremely smart move she made was she demonstrated progress. I would coach her on how to create use cases, user stories, gherkin syntax for example and she would show up the next day with what she had done expecting me to review it. This is what a mentor wants to see from his/her mentee and it encourages you as a mentor to keep coaching and mentoring because you can see results.

When Timi started her first role with Lloyds Bank, it was the worst nights of my life. I desperately wanted to put my phone on do not disturb but I had grown fund of her and more importantly I now saw her as an investment in which I needed to see my returns. As a result, I would help her through her daily responsibilities at work. This carried on for a full month or two until she was able to stand on her own two feet. Now I don’t recommend this move because I can’t be on the phone to every one till late at night. It’s not going to happen. The best practice method is to first complete our intensive training program, get your hands dirty working on live projects using the tools and software within our programme office and taking advantage of the our elearning tools (video tutorials, BA / PM personality test, test your knowledge and interview questions app). Only then should you get yourself one of our mentors who will now guide you through to securing your first role. The whole process should take 8 – 12 weeks and once you have secured your first role you continue to get on going support but it’s limited because you can stand on your own two feet.

Now this is where it all started to pay off extremely well for me. You see giving is receiving and I experienced that first hand with Timi. She started helping other existing candidates who had started applying for work within our 2,000 strong ecosystem. Within weeks she had helped two other candidates secure BA jobs and because I had passed on my knowledge to her and she had demonstrated an admirable talent as a business analyst, she became our first mentor here at Career Insights earning just over £2000 a month on top of her current take home contract rate. Today she earns way more than that as a mentor as she is one of our top mentors.

dbt (445)Today, Timi has helped 18 candidates secure Business Analyst roles and an additional candidate secured her first project manager role. That candidate is Otillia. Our shine like a diamond star. You can check out her success story here. Otillia is also now one of our rising star mentor and trainer at Career Insights with bags of experience and expertise.

Yesterday I got a telegram message from Jeniffer informing me she had secured her first Business Analyst role and that Ebi (Timi) had coached her all the way. Check out her success story:

Hi keji

Thank you soo much for your training and work experience platform

I secured a BA role and resumed work second week this month

I’ve didn’t tell you earlier as I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the role since I began

I’ll also like to thank Ebi who mentored me on interviews, cv writing, and other bits

I kindly ask to remain anonymous

I enrolled for your training last week in nov

Sent from my iPhone



Mentoring works really well when you as a mentee are willing to put in the work required to succeed. You have to understand that a mentor’s job is not to train you but to guide and direct you to success. You choose a mentor because you aspire to be like them.

I recommend getting a mentor 4 weeks after you have gained practical work experience here at Digital Bananas Technology working on live innovative projects within our DBT programme office, listened to all the video tutorials, used the BA/PM tools available, gotten 80% in test your knowledge and the interview questions and answers app plus you are now being an active team player within Digital Bananas Technology programme office as an assistant or a lead BA or PM. This way you are being guided rather than being taught because you have already been taught. By the way this is after you have finished your intensive training session with Career Insights because you need the knowledge and understanding before you can get involved.

This is why we recommend that it should take 8 – 12 weeks to secure your first project management or business analyst role paying up to £11,000 a month provided you do all we have suggested above.

Your success is not for free. If it was everyone would be successful. Pay the price and get the reward.

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