How to Become a Project Manager

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Effective Project Managers have a lot in common with all good managers, and any successful PM will attest to this, as the job is basically about managing every aspect of a project from start to finish, in line with set goals and objectives- all aimed at ensuring success. If you want to be successful as a project manager, you, among other equally important things, need to be as knowledgeable and versatile as possible in whatever industry you choose to practice in.

Traits that make a good project manager

Great project managers are skilled at planning and organizing, they are people-oriented leaders who know how to establish effective working relationships with their team members and other stakeholders. Now that’s not all- being upbeat and optimistic is an important trait a project manager should  also have, because you need to be liked and trusted by sponsors, clients and upper management to be successful. Other traits are being a good communicator –passing across information clearly and effectively to all stakeholders team when necessary; giving regular updates to stakeholders, even when a project’s success is jeopardized; ability to stay calm, and resolve problems when they risks arise. If you don’t naturally have these skills, you need to develop and groom them to become a great project manager.


What are the roles of a project manager?

Although, this varies according to the type of project or industry you choose to work in, the major aspect of your roles as a project manager will include-

  • Strategizing, executing, monitoring, controlling and finishing a project
  • Developing and implementing schedules in line with set deadlines
  • Estimating cost and budget development
  • Team structuring and resourcing
  • Performing quality assurance
  • Managing and mitigating risk.


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