Become A Ridiculously Efficient Consultant


Your ultimate aim in your chosen career is to become a consultant.

Especially within the Digital Transformation and Digital Optimisation field.

At this rate, you tend to command and easily increase your earning potential based on consultation and implementation fees where most of the writing is done by yourself while the implementation is done by another with you taking a good clean cut from it.

You must be able to up sell, cross sell and make recommendations in your write ups. Give just enough to help them understand what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, the implications of not doing it, who is accountable and responsible for making sure it implemented and when it needs to be completed by, with step by step guides on how you will do it for them with realistic times lines, hourly rates, man hours, expertise required and options (cheaper & cost effective plus additional cost for a comprehensive & more robust solution).

Here at Career Insights we teach you how to use SPIN techniques to manage key stakeholders & major decision makers. The key is to help you understand the overall bottom line while keeping the bigger picture in mind. You need to understand the triggers that leads to keeping a balance between the two with a progressive and stepped approach to achieving the overall business goals and objectives.

You can learn this through our parent company Digital Bananas Technology ( as we are currently consulting on digital optimisation within the banking sector for one of the biggest & top leading banks in Africa.

Don’t you think it’s time you start thinking more like a consultant and earning consultancy rates instead of thinking like an employee earning an employee rates?

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