How To Move Into A Project Management Or Business Analysis Role Within the NHS


Each month, at least 5 – 10 of our candidates secure a project management or business analysis related role with the NHS.

Well it’s quite simple. The NHS has been driving a digital transformation and optimisation initiative for the last 5 years and lately they have taken an aggressive approach with their recruitment drive. The plan is to drive forward the NHS digital product roadmap with measurable results, based on enhanced patient outcomes, product engagement from users and tangible efficiency benefits.

As a result, they are looking for digital director who can identify services across the entire NHS where digital systems could dramatically improve patient outcomes. The initiative will give birth to a massive portfolio of programs and projects which will require business analysts to create justifiable business cases, translate business requirements into technical requirements while communicating deliverable in order for project managers to successfully manage, monitor, control and deploy these projects.

This is where we come in. Over the last 10 years, our candidates have thrived in their chosen careers building invaluable practical work experience within our eWorkexperience ecosystem while working on innovative digital transformation and optimisation projects. As a result, when our candidates apply to the NHS, they tend not to waste any time taking our candidates on. They start off as project coordinators and within a year become lead project managers.

This success story confirms it all.

Hi Keji,

I’m pleased to say I just got two job offers this week, both for Senior NHS Project manager contract roles.
It’s definitely nice to be in a position to choose which job you are going to take 🙂
This is now my 4th contract role since joining DBT in 2014 and to be honest since getting the first contract it’s been smooth sailing ever since.
Thank you so much for providing such a great platform that motivates and teaches you how to excel and increase your earning potential.

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