How To Regain Your Confidence & Secure A Project Management Role – A Case Study From Nelly Mhangami

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Cambridge-LogoCareer Insights Training, Mentorship and Practical Work Experience Gave Me Back My Confidence

In 2011, l decided to take a break from project management. Three years later, last quarter of 2014, l found myself yearning to go back to work. I thought it was going to be easy, l was wrong. I did my CV, created profiles and uploaded my CV on job boards and calls started coming in. My CV got me calls and interviews, but there were two missing links that l never thought about – CURRENT EXPERIENCE…CURRENT METHODOLOGIES.

At every interview l found myself talking about projects l had managed in 2006, 7, 8 to 11; well that’s was not good enough. I would always come second. I needed recent, practical experience and knowledge of current methodologies. I had heard Keji speak at an event in September 2014 and l knew that was the solution l needed. Quickly on the 16th of February 2015 l started my week intensive training with Career Insights.

Wow, suddenly all my knowledge was refreshed; Agile/Scrum l had always read and stammered about become as easy as ABC. Next on the 4th day of my course l had paid for the mentorship programme. I declared that after 8weeks, l will have my own success story. I watched the tutorial videos everywhere l was. I watched the awards videos over and over again and said God, you are no respecter of persons. I read Otillia’s success story over and over again and decided she was going to be my mentor no matter what.

Day 5 of my training l joined CI – Referral System 2 and attended all the meetings. The following week l was working with the BA Team, observing them in action, asking questions and making contributions. Next l was appointed CRS2Project Coordinator but got fired during that same week. Hmmm my confidence level sunk to zero, but l had a goal, resolve, a vision and determination. I stayed on the project and took up a role as a minute lead, mentored my minute takers and served faithfully and diligently.

In March, l decided to apply for a digital PM role and lo and behold two days later l was invited for an interview. l sent Otillia a message, email and the job spec. Being appointed (after applying) Exodus PM boosted my confidence so much. The team made me a better PM. I aced the first stage of the interview. They invited me to come and do a presentation on a project l had managed before and thank God l have managed an e-learning programme. Still l needed mentoring and a confidence boost. Otillia set aside time for us to do the presentation. She told me to do away with the stammering and ummms. She was amazing at boosting my confidence. We came up with a five-star presentation and the day l delivered it l could see the interviewers’ amazement. Yay, my confidence was back!! My knowledge was fresh!!! And I got the 12month contract as Digital Project Manager developing websites, mobile apps and learning platforms.

I thank God for Keji and the vision he has. Thank you Keji for the heart you have for people. May God increase you in wisdom, knowledge and prosper the work of your hands. I am grateful to Bolaji Morakinyo, Yetty, Elohor, Otillia, Nugwa and Sonnie for your support. Team CM – Exodus have made me a better PM  and l love them.

l am staying on the CI ecosystem to learn, gain more experience until l become one of the CI mentors, that’s my vision. The intensive training is practical. The practical work experience, working on live and innovative projects is comparable to none. The ecosystem of over 1500 PMs and BAs is out of this world. I would like to encourage every CI candidate to be diligent, have a plan, get your hands dirty, attend meetings, contribute, take up tasks and get a mentor. Your success story has been written already, all you need to do is step into it via hard work, mentorship and GETTING YOUR HANDS DIRTY.

God bless


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