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“Hi Keji. I got just got a call. that i got the. job. I can’ t beleive that they said i came top on their list.”

“Hi Keji,

First of all i give glory to God. I want to thank Keji for this platform. God bless you real good. The first time i heard about career insight. was in 2016, a lady mentioned it in my church but i didn’t understand what she was saying, I thought she was talking about some graphic designing and all that, but she was very excited about it. I work with Barclays at that time. as a community banker but i am always not satisfied and i am always thinking that i can do better, so I decided to get some certifications, so i felt. may be Hr but i just know i needed to do something before the end of the year. I went on. maternity leave in April. November ending came and. i was. sad that i. haven’t been able to do everything that i planned,(New year resolutions). My husband. said there is a guy in our church that is doing some business analysis training. like the other lady he told me about. So i talked to him and when he mentioned eworkexperince, i said oh noooo, i have a job, i just. want to be certified in something.

The day after, i thought about what he said and googled about Careerinsight, so i remembered that i have seen some lovely colourful pictures of careerinsight on Facebook. So i decided to call. I am so glad that i spoke to Emily first, she sounded very professional and nice and she said her boss is very nice and she will arrange for him to call me, so i started asking her questions and my phone battery went off, so i called back and another lady picked the call, i can’t remember her name, but she sounded like she just woke up and she doesn’t want to be disturbed, so i quickly said ‘can i speak to Emily please’ and she said i will tell her to call you and she dropped. I m so glad that i didn’t speak to her first cos i would have been discouraged. Speaking to Emily made me. made up my mind to give it. a try.

I joined this platform December 2017. I. couldn’t believe that something like this actually exist. I attended the trainings, I atended Ola’s training and she gave us a group assignment. to write a Business case ,while i asked her a question on the chat box and she said ‘Adeniran have you been on this training ‘ cos i haven’t heard your voice and she said ‘oh the quiet type’and i laughed cos she is so right. i am naturally very quiet and sometimes shy, so i decided to lead the group and we collaborated to do work. I started watching videos and i joined project. I decided that i. have eventually found want i love. I saidto myself i am not going back to work unless it’s a BA role.

I set a goal for myself to get a job. in MARCH 2018. I was studying very hard, sleepless nights, watching videos, always on Confluence reading stuffs, attending meetings, It got to a time my husband knows some certain people by voice {(he will say Keji again), is that Oludare/ Is that Femi/he loves Sandra’s voice/Is that Caroline / that is. Mercy right/oh that is. Iyabo}. I set a. goal for myself and i was determined. as i don’t want to resume to the same job in April. Some times when i am registering for Sponsor’s meeting, there is a question about when do you want to apply for job, i always put March, how it will happen i don’t know.

March 1st, i decided to watch killer CV, i purposely didn’t watch it before then. After watching i felt like i don’t know anything. So i decided to lock myself up for a week, just watching videos non stop, i only step out for church, that helped me a lot. So i saw a role in the company i work for, which is a Business Manager role. Though. not a BA role. but i just wanted to try it out. Few days a later i got a call from another. recruiter and he said he saw GDPR on my cv, will i like to work as a GDPR business analyst. so he gave my cv to the company, at. that time i had only attended gdpr training in my Church but i tell you its deeper than that so i decided to enrol for. GDPR trainig and. I had my interview on the 19th of March.

The interview was very detailed , bombarded me with so many questions, interviewed by 3 people, one GDPR Analyst, Senior IT Business analyst and One HR manager. They wanted someone with certification like Prince 2 and IT and all. but i have got nothing, so i know i needed to talk the talk. I was able to answer all the questions based on what i have learnt on this platform. They already interviewed people with all the certifications and wealth of experience you can think of but i got a call that they were so impressed with the little experience i have. got as i told them i started in December. They said i came top on the list.

My advice is that set a goal for yourself .Wacth your videos and make google your best freind. Thank you Keji sooooooomuchhhhhhh , God bless you a billion times, you are indeed a source of inspiration, my confidence level has tripled and i was actually talking like Keji at the interview with so much boldness, i am still on the platform, infact, i have just resumed as i planned to do all the specialist trainings one after the other. I can’t but thank everyone, you have all been a blessing one way or the other. Special thanks to Ola Emmerah i remembered after the business case assignment. , she told us to pay very good attention to ework4.0 projects as its going to help people to get job, Many thanks to Iyabo, i remember sending my practise work to Iyabo to check and her comments has been helpful, she is one of the people i admire on this platform. ,Mercy is awesome, she taught me how to use Smaply and how to create process flow and. i actually shared that at my interview how i use smaply for persona definition and customer journey mapping. Thank you everyone, my prayer is that everyone’s heart desires shall be met.

Interview questions and tips loading… might help someone

Thanks everyone.Interview questions and tips

Why should we employ you?

Tell us about. your role at DBT including the projects you have worked on

Change the process versus Change the system which one do you prefer and why

Tell us how you deal with stakeholders with conflicting priorities

What is the role of a Digital BA

Quality versus timeline and budget which one do you prefer and how would you go about it

Tell us what you know about use case and user stories

Give reasons why project fails

what is PID document and what is it use for and what are the contents

How do you gather requirements- which is your best method

once you are employed what are the challenges you think you will face and how will you resolve it.

As a BA. what are the documents you will need in an entire project

Tell us about benefit review plan


I researched about the company

I have been reading documents and project on base camp, so i supported each question with examples of a project.

Watch stakeholder management video by Keji its really detailed.

Very Important- They did not ask me. but i made sure i mentioned SAFEWAGILE. I talked about it when i was asked about the BA. documents. So i mentioned the important. documents at each stage. Make sure you understand it, the Senior IT business analyst ended up saying OH thats great we use WAGILE and they about going into agile fully. SO that may distinct you from other candidates.

Reasons why project fail- Failure to define scope = i went. into details just as i understood it and watch stakeholder management video by Keji its really detailed.

When i talked about MOSCOW prioritization=== I said AGILE Prioritization Model called MOSCOW Priortization and i went into details.

I told them about the company values and passion and that got me interested in working for them

I told them about the recent award that the company just got and they didn’t even know, they were like ohh really.

For thosein Gdpr- the videos are excellent, the tips there are great.

I asked 2 questions at the end =i read that asking questions shows that you are really prepared but ask relevant questions

  • 2. Failure to identify key Stakeholders – went into details of how we RACI or RACIS – Who is Responsible for what, who is accountable, who needs to be consulted and informed, S- who is supportive. I then explained another tool called Stakeholder Matrix tool – its about who influences most using. power grid or who could influence the outcome……., if you are speaking to the wrong people the project has failed.
  • what is PID document and what is it use for and what are the contents
  • I said its a project initiation document-it. provided a foundation for the project- i mentioned the content (inscope, out of scope, goals, objectives,risk,project approach, benefit review plan)- I only held this last Saturday during Oludare /Femi session so i remembered he or someone mentioned it. I ts more than this , i will have to now go and check a PID on confluence.
  • • How do you gather requirements- which is your best method
  • I talked about all the methods i know- Survey/focus group/ document analysis/Requirement workshop, this is where i mentioned Smaply for persona definition and mapping out customer journey to understand their touch pints and pain points.
  • I said. prefer. Requirement workshop/one on one interview -(because it was stated in their job description) and. i had read about it.
  • • once you are employed what are the challenges you think you will face and how will you resolve it.
  • Answer- I said business Context- its a method of analysing the enviroment in which. a business operates. GDPR related i said will like to find out how compliant they ve been and what approach. they are using to implement.
  • • As a BA. what are the documents you will need in an entire project
  • Answer-So i said in DBT we use an hybrid framework called. SAFEWAGILE- I broke it down and mentioned each stage= As a BA = project brief, Project Charter, Business case, Benefit review plan ==mentioned how benefit review plan is used =its. used at the initial stage when mandate has just been received and. when the project is closing to check if the benefits has been realized. Make sure you understand SAFEWAGILE because The Senior IT business analyst ended up saying OH that’s great we use WAGILE and they about going into agile fully. SO that may distinct you from other candidates.
  • Tell us about benefit review plan – Its used to identify the benefits and most importantly how the benefits can be measured and to show they have been realized.
  • I asked 2 questions at the end =i read that asking questions shows that you are really prepared but ask relevant questions
  • 1. What. approach are you using as organization to implement GDPR- Then she said emmm am not a technical person like you , she told me about the 12 steps they are using which was also covered in gdpr training. Then the IT guy talked about WAGILE ……..
  • 2. I. asked this question when i interviwed at Barclays years ago and they always struggle to answer it, it gave me the opportuinity to look at them properly’’’ joking;;; –
  • How do you measure performance – It shows you are focused and dedicated.

I ended by saying

Congratulations on the award ===i heard about the recent award that the company just got and they didn’t even know about it , they looked at themselves as said ohh really.It was uploaded on their site the day before. They said. Thank you. (just to show you current and really interested)”


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