How To Secure A Rewarding Career In Project Management Earning Up To £550 A Day


How do you feel about us getting our candidates who are now very successful in their careers as project management or business analysis professionals, training you and showing you how they did it? 

We are talking about candidates who were once where you are now, made a decision to join our intensive training program, gained practical work experience and now very successful project management or business analysis professionals.

They have been there, done that and have the T-Shirt to show for it.

Launching in November 2014, you will be able to select a trainer based on the exact skills you are interested in gaining practical work experience in. We are calling it the Career Insights Alumni.

10273406_10202065743233354_1844120076235652274_oMeet Sara Andreea – An ex candidate who successfully secured her first PM related role with HSBC and now on her second contract with Barclays.

She will be joining our long list of mentors and trainers.

Here is her story and a lovely guide from her on how to secure your rewarding career in project management:




A “How To Guide” from Sara:1956704_10201696825330637_2054944541_o

I would like to start first with a confession: Before I took Career Insights 5 day PM and BA course, I thought project management was all about programing and coding. Now what were the odds for someone like me to actually succeed? Probably none, some might say! But i decided to give it a try.

I found the training period very intense, but enlightning and seeing that i was not the only one which less knowledge about PM made me feel a bit more confident! I loved what we did during the training. If only it was longer! But all good things come to an end and I had to move on to the next stage – working on basecamp, on real projects! There were about 800 trainees when i started and I wondered: how will I ever get a role?! But you don’t have to worry. If you want it, you get it! You must not give up.



Here’s how I made myself noticed:– first of all ALWAYS check your Career Insights email! I know it might be annoying, the amount of emails received daily is overwhelming. BUT 1 in 20 might be an announcement for a new project or few new roles that you might be interested in.

 So now you found the role. What’s next? At least 50 emails will come from people that want that role as much as you do. So how can you be the one getting it? As you will soon notice, all replies will come in something very similar with “consider me please” or “i am interested please”. I decided to make it different! I ALWAYS emailed the person that advertised it personally (not replying to all) with a small CV. If you don’t have previous experience in DBT you can just write a bit about yourself and why you think you will be suitable for that position. If you do have experience, write about it! Don’t make it too long. Just straight forward, just enough to be different, show how much you want it and draw the attention upon yourself!

This is how I got all my roles! Good ones, I assure you, within a short period of time. AND with NO experience.

– Now you got the role. Time to start working! Here’s a piece of advise:

– ALWAYS be in time for your meetings-ALWAYS be prepared. Read all you can about the project you are working on, not just your own small bit. This will give you a better understanding and a bigger picture. It will be helpfull and even make you come with ideas. Make yourself noticed! Even if your role is to take minutes or write a status report, this shouldn’t stop you from getting involved and share your ideas in other areas!- never work on more than 3 projects at a time (I would suggest two). Meetings will always clash and no matter how much you will try, you will still miss bits and bobs. Don’t compromise the quality for quantity!


– Last, but not least – attend all sponsor’s meetings. If you can manage Keji as a stakeholder, trust me, you’ll be able to manage anyone else :)))) your experience in “how to manage a difficult stakeholder” will be so wide you might probably start writing a book (Keji, no offense – we all know you are a great person)”

One of the best developments for DBT from my own perspective was P24. Sadly, i left before the project went live but I will definetly encourage everyone to get the support and advice of DBT trainers. Never stop improving your skills and your knowledge. We learn as long as we live!



– As I was working on 3 simultaneous projects for DBT i never stopped applying for jobs. It was dissapointing at the begining because i was applying to so many jobs but didn’t receive any call back (As an advice here, I would recommend you to have your linkedin profile on point and if i am allowed to make such statement: is the best place to apply for jobs).
imageBut those sad days came to an end and I got a call from a company that was interested in me. I had a 15 min interview and I passed it so I moved on to the next stage: another 5 interviews, by rotation with 5 of the company’s managers. And 3 written tests. The next day i got my answer: they offered me a £20,000 worth training for free and amazing job perspectives for a minimum contract of 2 years. I couldn’t believe my ears! I am the kind of person that wants but doesn’t dare to dream too much. I mean… I had my training with DBT last week of January 2014. Two months later I was offered this?!

What were the odds? I was trained in software testing, in programing: SQL, Excel Visual Basics and HTML 5/CSS. Had my exams for Prince 2 and BA and got the foundation certificates. Read and learnt all about project support office and project management office. It was hard, but was it worth it?

My first job offsite was at HSBC, working as a digital analyst within the Digital Centre of Exellence. Was a short one. For 3 months. Came back to the “mother company” and within 2 days I got a PMO/delivery and implementation role at Barclays – Canary Wharf.  It is a £200 million project: Barclays Global Compliance Academy in relation with University of Cambridge . It’s such a huge project and it’s on me and my team to make things happen and deliver our final product the best and innovative way we can!

How I “nail” my interviews?

ALWAYS, but ALWAYS go prepared:

Read all you can about the company’s history from their websites, wikipedia and check for reviews on if available.  If you want to work in the banking sector, check for their values and identify yourself in them, with them! Select what you think that makes the company unique, talk about their achievements and how much you were impressed! Love and embrace the company you will interview for! Keep smiling during the interview and let them see how excited and enthusiastic you are! For some people, this comes natural but for those who don’t – practice, practice, practice! Close your eyes and imagine yourself there. They don’t know you, they only see and judge what you let them see! (Funny enough, one of my colleagues nails his interviews thinking he is Kanye West before entering the room). – also, google google google. Google for interview questions, for most common interview questions, for pm/ba interview questions. You will always find answers as well. Read them, they will help you see a bigger picture and help you write down your own answers. I have a notebook with interview questions, all sorts of and I have also written down my own answers, the best way I could. Learn it and own it!

If I made it after just about 2 months with DBT and no project management experience before, everyone has the chance to make it! 

Now its your turn.

I will still be holding the training programs myself however it will now be in conjunction with the Career Insights Alumni group. They understand where you are coming from because they have been there and they know exactly what you need to do to succeed because they have the T-Shirt to show for it. The sessions will a lot more intense and extremely hands-on with one-2-one support from your mentors. Now booking! Join the November 2014 session before it’s fully booked.

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