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We strongly believe that the best way to learn is from people who have been there, done that. Hearing it directly from people who have been where you are and now where you want to be tends to inspire hope and ignite a spark required to make a success story out of your life too.

Last year we celebrated over 200 candidates who secured life changing project management and business analysis roles at the DBT Awards (Digital Bananas Technology) hosted by Career Insights. You can watch the video below:

The full highlights of the DBT Award can be seen here.

Our latest success story from Temi is all inspiring and should encourage you to make that bold move. She just secured a Business Solutions Analyst Role with Greenfields Housing Association.

company-logoI still can’t believe i’m finally sharing my success story with everyone, I have waited for this day to come and I know I would not have been able to get to this point without the help of God and this wonderful platform that has been set up my the Boss himself (Keji).

I did my training over 2 years ago, I found it a bit daunting at first and I was too lazy to put in the hard work to be honest. I got a job as a software developer and moved on, stopped coming to basecamp and literally went off.

Some 2 years down the line, I still was not happy and satisfied with my job, I was more of a BA than a Developer.

I came back to DBT Nov 2013 and with the help of Keji and Vivian, I was back again and this time very determined to give it my all.

I started applying for roles on DBT and after a while I was appointed the Business BA Lead on one of the Transcend projects.

Talking about late night meetings, volunteering to do anything and everything possible, presenting at sponsors meeting and getting told off, I was not put off by all of this, all part of getting my hands really dirty.

I started applying for roles February this year and the calls started rolling in, I thought to myself wow, my CV must be doing something great out there,I got so many interviews and so many unfortunate emails.

The last interview I had was with a bank which Vijay prepared me for, I went in there full of confidence and did my best only for me to be informed I did well at the interview but I did not pass the Psychometric test, I was like shuo I know I cant pass that one because even my brother that studies civil engineering did it and failed, so no news there.

2 weeks after, I received an email inviting me to this interview, I studied like God knows what, maybe Jamb exam hehehe.

I wore my lucky jacket on the day of the interview hoping for the best, it was scheduled to last for an hour but I was done within 20 mins.
I said to myself another one blown, the lady  informed me they had other people to interview on the day and would get back to me by the end of the week(This was on Monday morning).
I left the interview feeling really down but at the same time ready to go home and continue my job hunt.

Whist driving home, a strange number kept calling my phone, I parked to pick the call and guess what it was the hiring manager, in her words “we were wowed by you so we have decided to cancel all the other interviews and offer you the role”? Shuo, this was when I realised I can dance Shoki, my immediate reaction was Epic.

I just want to encourage everyone that if you put in the hard work, it will surely happen,your success story is on its way.

Lastly I need to acknowledge some wonderful people who have impacted my life positively Keji hmmm you are the Boss, Vivian, Olynn, Vijay, Timi, Adore, Ola, Callistus in fact the list is endless.
You are all wonderful.

Trust me, put in the hard work, do your homework and you are going to shine bright  like a diamond 🙂
See you at the top

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Now it’s your turn. 

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