I almost lost my £8,000 p/mth contract role as a Project Manager

my career insights success story

As much as this is a success story, it almost became a sad story where a candidate literally almost lost her newly secured contract role all because the name she provided on our platform was different from the name on her job application for a new role.

We ask that you take the eWorkexperience platform seriously. It is not a social media platform where you can use nicknames or a name that is different from what you have on your driving license or passport. You may be working voluntarily and learning on the job here but it is still a job and when you apply for paid roles, they will request for a reference. As a registered UK company we must provide references based on the registered names on our system and if the names are different, we cannot provide you with a reference.


Due to our high success rates, we have many rogue individuals who have never been on our eWorkexperience platform claiming they worked for Digital Bananas Technology, blagging their way into a job and if the company fails to do proper reference checks, they realise the candidate is totally incompetent when it’s literally too late. The damage has been done, and they have to start recruiting again.

To avoid this, we always encourage companies offering our candidates new roles to always check with us by requesting a reference and we do our due diligence to confirm the candidate did in fact work here and is competent to do the job.

This success story almost became a very sad story.

Be inspired and take note at the same time.

Hi Keji,
Got offered a job but DBT reference says it has no record of me that I should contact you to verify details

My name on DBT is XXXXXXXX but it is short for XXXXXXX
The name on the application & reference

So sorry for the mix up
Please help this is really urgent do not want to lose the role..
Thank you

my career insights success story

I have just been offered a new role with a huge PM content in a Charity Organisation

When I joined DBT, I had just passed my Prince 2 Practitioner exams and really wanted some experience. I was ready to get my hands dirty.

I attended meetings regularly, volunteered and did any job required to get experience especially in writing reports soon was coaching others on how to write these reports. I was of the opinion that If I was going to write or review these reports in a role outside DBT I wanted to know exactly what I was talking about. I considered Keji’s sessions a MUST no matter how busy I was!

As I progressed, I was later appointed
lead roles such as Raids lead, PMO & Assistant PM in various projects.

This really gave me the experience and confidence I needed to apply for jobs.

Tip No 1:
During my interview for this job, a lot was asked about the various stages of project management and It was easy to answer given the experience at DBT. I was able to reference every project I ever worked on, giving examples of challenges encountered and a very detailed answer on risk management. (That RAIDS log is very important!)

Tip No 2:
PLEASE inform Keji when you are offered a job AND make sure your details (NAME) on your job application MATCH your details on the various DBT platforms This is so important as it almost cost me if not for the intervention of DBT staff and Keji personally!

I want to thank Keji for the awesome work and experience!

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