I am now a Scrum Master

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I got a job as a Scrum Master with a Advertising company.

I came to DBT early 2016, joining the Eagle Eye project as a Project coordinator working alongside Kenny, Jide and Oladare. I then moved on to DCoE as a PMO Analyst, with Jide mentoring me.

After the dismemberment of the DCoE I decided to focus on my business that I ran from Home, selling American soul food. The business was doing extremely well however I needed more funds in order to take it to the next level.

I remember seeing Temitopes success story where he got a role As Scrum Master so I decided to enquire what the role entailed and how I could get into it.

He was very helpful and encouraged me to get the certification which I decided to do.

I didn’t apply for any jobs as a Scrum Master though and was still trying to get a job as a PM but to no avail.

It was only after my dear friend Kemi told me to focus on looking for Scrum Master roles I decided to take it seriously. At the beginning of 2018 I began applying, receiving loads of call backs but nothing landing, this was very disheartening for me and I struggled to cope with the fact I wasn’t securing any interviews.

Finically I had one but then I never heard back from them 🙄 and then a second one which was an assessment day with 22 other candidates (I later found out it was an experiment 😒).

Still I kept applying, remembering the advice I was given by Jide about applying early. Literally every single morning I applied, even when I was demotivated.

I was then randomly contacted about a Scrum Master position facilitating 3 teams. I went for the interview yesterday and they called me back 2 hours later confirming that I got the job, with a combined salary of the first 2 jobs I never got.

During my time at DBT I literally help 2 people secure jobs. I would search befitting roles for them and then stay up with them all night going through interviews questions, meanwhile literally nothing was coming my way but I just couldn’t help wanting help them. Seeing them secure their jobs while I had no prospects was bittersweet but at the same time I held comfort in the fact that no good deed goes unpunished.

Honestly I can only thank God, this year has been the most difficult year of my life for many reasons but I persevered, pushing myself even when I was struggling. I was very specific when I prayed and in the blessed month of Ramadan God answered my prayers.

So yeah thanks Keji for the opportunity I respect the company you’ve built.

Thanks to jide who gave me great advice and pushed me to fulfil. my true potential

Also thanks to Kemi, Remi, Kenny A and Oladare.

And to all those waiting for a success story – IT WILL COME, BE SPECIFIC WITH YOUR PRAYERS! 😉


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