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Please keep me anonymous: I started writing reports for the HT-Focus and CI-Matrix projects, later I moved to BA tasks and was made BA lead in CI-X-Files, technical BA lead in the Pocket Finance App project and Deputy BA lead for Eagle eye that was halted. And I was also a BA team member in other projects
Getting my hands dirty in the above projects made me to have a deeper and wider knowhow in projects delivery from E2E.
At the moment I am working as BSA consultant with Canada largest logistic company which covers the whole of Canada, part of USA and Mexico. I have come to realize that every little skills from DBT helps and will keep me going while I climb my career path as a BA and the mentoring (Esther as my mentor was of a great help and support)
I wish to be one of the coordinator here in Canada, so that I could share and guide new and existing candidates in DBT.
A big shout out and thank you to all the people who helped me climb the ladder. God will continues to bless them and you especially for providing the platform
Kind regards

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