“I Applied for a BA role at a Major Oil & Gas Company and Have Instead been Offered a Senior BA Role”

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Dear Keji,
Can’t believe it’s my turn to write one of these :relaxed:! I thank God for leading me to DBT.
I applied for a BA role at a major Oil and Gas company and have instead been offered a Senior BA role.
I joined DBT in 2016 with strong recommendations from my sister and attended the one week intensive training done by Olu and Caroline. I joined the eWorkexperience platform within that week and was initially overwhelmed by what was going on but I had planted my seed and believed that with patience and hard work, real hard work, I would reap benefits.
Today I am celebrating the hard work I put in from the very beginning, the late nights, the anxiety of presenting deliverables for sign off (that really used to get to me but with practice I got there), watching training videos and most importantly learning from every single person that has made a contribution in terms of running projects and finally celebrating our successes at the DBT awards ceremony. I have and will continue to milk every learning opportunity from my DBT family.
I would like to thank every single person (I won’t mention names for the fear of leaving my teammates out) I have worked with on projects such as; BOT FAQ, FBN Website Revamp, Empire, Family Homes Fund, Social Media (my baby), Sales Force Marketing Automation and Digital Transformation Business Case — that was huge and I scored top marks for talking about it at the interview.
My advice to everyone on the platform is;
1. Get your hands messy, get really involved in projects, offer to take lead roles and challenge yourself to carry out tasks that you believe are challenging
2. Ask questions where you don’t understand no matter how silly you may believe the question is.
3. Attend the Sponsor’s meetings without fail and aim at taking something from it each time.
4. Watch ALL the training videos if you can, not just the “must watch”, there is a wealth of knowledge in them. I was one for shorter videos but my mind has been quickly changed when I started interviewing, I chose a topic to cover each week and focused on it till I mastered at least most of it.
5. Make Google your best friend, do your own research to expand your knowledge
6. Get certified if you can — The DMI certification added a lot of value to me. At the interview, I talked about the Social Media project like I was the head of social at DBT :relaxed:. I also invested in a couple of BCS trainings and passed the exams because of the experience I gained form DBT. Prince2 was a walk in the park for me too as I had done quite a bit of PM stuff too.
7. Make the most of Mentor-Plus and Mentoring, these mentors really do care about your success!
8. Read and learn from other people’s success stories — this kept inspiring me to work hard and one day be like them.
9. Stay abreast with the latest advancements in the technology sphere — I am staying on the platform so that I can continue to learn.
10. Etc etc………………. the list is endless

I would like to thank my mentor IGWE Austine for your undivided attention and for preparing me for interviews. You have played a big part in my success, never gave up on me when I didn’t succeed at some telephone interviews and made sure I succeeded at the next. I had one face to Face interview and I must say I killed it because of you! And you did all that for free even when I asked to pay you as I believed I had to pay before you start mentoring me.
I would also like to thank George Odije for all his support during mentorplus and mentoring, you provided me with a lot of knowledge that I was able to use to showcase my skills at interviews.
A big thank you to KEJI for this platform, without it I wouldn’t be writing this success story. You are changing lives! A big thank you to Caroline Aluko for taking time to answer questions I sent via PM. Those answers helped a lot!
Finally, a big thank you to everyone in Programme office and the BA Department for your never-ending support.

Interview tips;
1. Get support — Mentor Plus and mentoring (that costs peanuts) is a bonus!
2. Know at least 4 projects like the

back of your hand — you will find giving examples a piece of cake. Make sure you demonstrate that without your input the project would have failed, treat it like it was your child and show that you did everything to see to its success. Take ownership of at least one of the project. Don’t forget to mention the value it has added to the business, express it in quantitative terms.
3. When you find an organisation you want to work for, go LinkedIn and check if there are any alumni or even friends working for the organisation — I got in touch with an alumni and they spent half of their Sunday going through stuff with me, he continued to push me to perform to the best of my ability. I was shocked at how willing he was to help.
4. Watch videos on eworkexperience, I cant stress that enough!
5. Prepare for interview FAQs with examples
6. It has been a rocky interviewing experience for me but I never gave up, I learned from all the experiences of unsuccessful interviews and by the time I managed to secure a Face-to-Face one, I was as sharp as a razor. So please don’t let small failures deter you from achieving your goals.


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